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Announcing Hearing Care for All on World Hearing Day

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

The team at HearingLife is pleased to celebrate World Hearing Day, an annual initiative spearheaded by the World Health Organization. The 2021 theme, “Hearing Care for All,” aligns with HearingLife’s vision to help people hear better. In honor of World Hearing Day, and to help people discover the value of their hearing and the power of life-changing hearing care, HearingLife is launching a new campaign: #HearingGain. How do we provide hearing care for all? By providing personalized life-changing hearing care and guidance for people nationwide. You can learn more about our #HearingGain campaign .

By offering complimentary hearing assessments* to a broad spectrum of the population, we are helping people identify and treat hearing loss.

Before you consider treating hearing loss, we want to make sure you understand what hearing loss is, what the signs of hearing loss are and how you can benefit from better hearing. The team at HearingLife is happy to discuss any of these items with you. 

HearingLife is very pleased to be able to offer Oticon More. Oticon’s newest hearing aid is a life changer! Oticon More has been “taught” to identify more than 12 million real-life sounds so that it can better support your brain. Ultimately, this means people who use Oticon More may have better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more.

Oticon More isn’t our only treatment option. We offer a variety of hearing aid models that may help treat your hearing loss, and possibly your tinnitus as well.

As part of our Campaign for Better Hearing give back program, we are happy to provide free hearing aids to people in need. Each year, we help people of all ages and backgrounds live life to the fullest through better hearing. Want to read inspiring stories? We invite you to meet some of our favorite people on the Campaign’s hearing aid recipients page. Among HearingLife’s recent hearing aid recipients is Alexandra, who is a third grader from Lincoln, CA.

To help make hearing aids more accessible to all, we partner with CareCredit® and often have special promotional offers.

HearingLife’s experts stay informed of the latest in research related to hearing loss and hearing technology. We are happy to educate our customers and their families so they understand how untreated hearing loss can impact them. In 2020, HearingLife featured new research on hearing loss and dementia that was published in the Lancet Report.

How do you know if you have hearing loss? Do you have to ask others to repeat themselves? Is it difficult to hear voices clearly over the phone? Perhaps you have noticed that you turn up the TV louder, or it is harder to follow a conversation in a noisy environment. These may be signs that you should have your hearing checked.

Whether you have experienced minor changes in your hearing or have been wearing hearing aids for a long time, we invite you to meet with our professionals. Please consider an online hearing test or book an appointment online for a no-obligation consultation, or call 844-836-5003 to schedule a visit at one of our 600+ locations nationwide.