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Meet Vicki Moskovitz – HearingLife’s People Who Care

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1/9/2024 12:00:00 AM • 2 min read

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HearingLife’s People Who Care series is meant to introduce you to just a few of our many Team Members who serve you with professional, personalized care at our nationwide locations. Today’s feature is about one of our Patient Care Coordinators, who are the friendly faces that greet you when you visit our offices!

Vicki Moskovitz is a Patient Care Coordinator at the Northfield, New Jersey office. She has worked at HearingLife for 18 years and has been in the hearing care industry for most of her career.

Vicki’s favorite part of working in hearing care is getting to know the customers who come in. “When we are able to help people hear better, it really pleases me!” says Vicki.

Vicki also stresses that after a long career in hearing care, she has learned that hearing loss treatment can’t wait. “The longer someone waits, the worse their hearing may get,” she says. “Hearing aids don’t work as well if folks wait too long to get them.”

She has also learned the importance of the brain in hearing – something that most people don’t know.

Vicki’s favorite memory of her time with HearingLife so far is when her office helped a 103-year-old patient get hearing aids. “Seeing the smile on her face was really amazing.”

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