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Hearing aids

At HearingLife, we offer digital hearing aids and accessories designed for any lifestyle. With all types of hearing aids with a broad range of features, including virtually invisible hearing aids, you can count on us for digital devices that meet every budget.

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What is a hearing aid?

A digital hearing aid or hearing instrument is a small device that sits discreetly on the individual's head – usually behind the ear, or in the ear. Hearing aids amplify particular parts of the sound environment, and many can connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other electronic devices to offer streaming directly into your ear.

hearing aids

A minicomputer gives digital hearing aids a powerful boost to your hearing. Once you have completed a hearing assessment* to understand your type of hearing loss, our team determines your individual needs. They then program the device so its microphone analyzes the sound environment and gathers data. Our experts program the computer to select specifically the frequencies and wavelengths of sounds you can't hear well. The top-tier hearing aids amplify only these parts of the sound and reduce excess noise to present a personalized result directly in your ear. If you have hearing loss in both ears, each device is programmed specifically to the individual ear's needs.

hearing aids

Types of hearing aids

Hearing instruments sit behind the ear or inside the ear canal. Certain models are virtually invisible. The severity of your hearing loss may determine which kind of aid you need, but we also take comfort and preference into account when you choose which hearing aid is right for you.

Our hearing care professionals are ready to give you intelligent insights and guidance, so you can choose a hearing aid that best suits your needs.

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What care do hearing aids need?

There are a few simple things to learn. Currently, there is no such thing as completely waterproof hearing aids, so it’s important to keep them dry – and safe from heavy rain. Special hearing aid dryers can remove moisture from inside. It is also important to keep them away from hairspray, which can damage the plastic. However, the main considerations they need are new batteries, which typically last for about a week. Some models allow for rechargeable batteries. 


Keeping hearing aids affordable

HearingLife understands that hearing aid costs may be a concern. We have options for you.

Learn about hearing aid insurance, does medicare cover hearing aids and financing for hearing aids to see options that meet your budget.

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