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Hearing aids at HearingLife

We offer a range of modern digital hearing aids at HearingLife because we are passionate about helping people hear their best. All our hearing aids are digital. Every hearing aid purchase includes a 30-day return window with no restocking fee or other penalties. Learn more about hearing aids – how they work, what styles and features are available and more – below.

What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are tiny devices worn in or near the ear by people with hearing loss. Hearing loss treatment options have come a long way from the ear trumpets of the 1700’s, and these days hearing aids are incredibly small and high-tech.

Digital hearing aids

How hearing aids work
Prescription hearing aids, which are the only type available at HearingLife, are programmed for each individual user based on their unique hearing loss. They amplify sounds only at the specific frequencies that the person needs amplified so that they can hear with more clarity.

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In-the-ear hearing aids

In-the-ear hearing aids (ITE) are available in a variety of sizes from invisible fully in-the-canal to full shell size. They are a good option for people with physical reasons they cannot wear BTE style aids. Due to their minute size, they do not accommodate all technology such as Bluetooth®.

In-the-ear hearing aids

In-the-Ear hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE) can treat nearly any level of hearing loss and can be easily adjusted by your hearing care provider. They can be fit to your ear with adjustable wires and a wide range of dome shapes and sizes. BTE hearing aids are lightweight. They offer better sound and more features, such as Bluetooth® and telecoils, due to their size.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

Behind-the-Ear hearing Aids
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"When I play softball, it's not only about winning, it's also about communicating with my teammates, the social aspects, and not missing out on anything in my life."


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I would say the most important thing in life is the freedom to be yourself.


Bob is smiling while getting ready to play softball



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Bob holds a softball bat and warms up.


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Bob sits on the spectator row and watches the others play while talking with his teammate



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Zoom in on Bobs face. Zoom out on Bob throwing the ball.


Bob talks with an audiologist in a clinic



When I play softball, it is not only about winning. It is also about communicating with my teammates.

The social aspect and not missing out on anything in my life.



Bob inserts his hearing aids and interacts with his teammates


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Hearing aid brands

HearingLife offers major prescription hearing aid manufacturer brands! This way our hearing care providers can match you with exactly the right hearing aid solution for your unique hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. 

Our latest hearing aid: Oticon Intent

Hearing Aid Prices and Financing Options

Hearing aids can be a substantial investment; however, they are an investment in your quality of life and relationships. HearingLife offers a range of hearing solutions starting at about $2,000 for a pair and going up in cost from there as you add features and background noise reduction.

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Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

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OTC Hearing Aids
Over-the-counter hearing aids are now available in the U.S. for adults with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. While HearingLife supports this effort to make hearing aids more available, we strongly believe that people who think they may need hearing aids start their journey with a professional hearing assessment.* We offer complimentary hearing assessments at HearingLife locations nationwide – find one near you here.

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