Are Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids available at HearingLife? 

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Over-the-Counter hearing aids, or OTC hearing aids, are a new class of hearing devices created by the FDA that can be sold online or in retail stores. They are sold without a hearing assessment or professional oversight to those age 18 and older, and are meant for mild to moderate hearing loss. These OTC devices are not available at HearingLife– we recommend and prescribe professional-grade hearing devices based on your level of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

HearingLife believes that this is a significant and positive step forward in recognizing the prevalence of hearing loss in the United States. We support the FDA's realization of the need for hearing devices, even in mild to moderate hearing loss, as any hearing loss can have a negative effect on the quality of one's life.

The difference between visiting HearingLife and purchasing Over‑The‑Counter hearing aids

The chart below shows the difference between the services and hearing aids, if recommended, provided by HearingLife versus what you get over the counter from an OTC hearing aid.


HearingLife  Complete hearing assessment  Medical concerns can be addressed  Product selection based on hearing loss and lifestyle needs  Solutions can be provided for all levels of hearing loss  Hearing devices provide more clear hearing with 360° of sound and adjust to background noise  Hearing aids build on advanced platforms with the latest technology  Professional hearing care support, virtual or in-person, for hearing aid issues, problems, etc.  Bluetooth connectivity and streaming ability  Fine tuning and hearing aid adjustments provided as needed

Over‑The‑Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids  No hearing evaluation, often self-diagnosis  Medical concerns are left unchecked  No guidance for product selection  Only mild to moderate hearing loss can be addressed  Hearing devices make sound louder, but not clearer  Very limited, less sophisticated technology .  Minimal hearing care support  No connectivity  Hearing aids not able to be fine-tuned

Concerns about over-the-counter hearing aids

OTC hearing aids do not require a hearing assessment, which serves to address any medical concerns.  Hearing aids sold by licensed professionals, like those at HearingLife, are highly prescriptive and customized so they don’t cause further hearing loss. We want you to hear your best and take into account your lifestyle, preferences, budget and individual hearing assessment results when we select and program your hearing aids.

The FDA’s goal of providing access to hearing solutions at a lower price point may not be worth the actual cost. Not only is there a risk of purchasing the incorrect device to hear to your best potential, but if you have questions about your device or need service and support, there is unlikely to be much, if any. At HearingLife, you’re a valued customer for the life of your hearing devices and have access to advice, cleaning, checkups and more.

The HearingLife Difference

HearingLife proudly provides professionally fit hearing devices for all different budgets and offers flexible payment plans and financing. We support our customers throughout their journey to better hearing – A hearing aid purchase from HearingLife includes extensive AfterCare benefits and access to many resources. You can be assured that our recommendations and individualized care make for money well spent.

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Frequently Asked Questions about OTC Hearing Aids

Visit your local HearingLife location for a complimentary hearing assessment* and hearing aid recommendation (if needed). We will explain our financing options and provide you with a risk-free demonstration to experience the latest technology for yourself. A quick fix is not always the best solution. Schedule an appointment today and we'll show you the best way to care for your hearing health.  

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