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Why HearingLife?

Our Purpose

To provide life-changing hearing health delivered by the best personalized care.

Our hearing has never been a more significant part of life than it is today. It connects us in every way possible. Without it, we lose touch with life and those around us. We use our hearing to feel, connect, navigate, communicate and make sense of the world. Hearing care can be life-changing for those with hearing loss. The more sounds we hear, the more we're able to participate in and enjoy life.

Our Culture

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

ā€• Booker T. Washington

At HearingLife, we know that helping people to hear and enjoy full meaningful lives is of the utmost importance. It is this mission that fuels our passion for the work we do. We provide our entire staff - hearing care providers, patient care coordinators, support staff, call center representatives - with the encouragement, training, support and benefits that make them feel good about being a part of HearingLife, and feel even better about helping people on a daily basis.

About HearingLife

Our Hearing Care Experts

HearingLife's experienced professionals provide life-changing hearing care every day.

Through their passion for helping others, our team of hearing care experts deliver personalized care and custom solutions to meet your individual needs.

Our Leaders

Matt Reilly - Chief Financial Officer
Matt Reilly
Interim President,
Chief Financial Officer

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Leslie Soiles, Chief Audiologist
Leslie Soiles
Chief Audiologist

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Chief People Officer - Beth Steinbrenner
Beth Steinbrenner
Chief People Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer ā€“ Carol McIntyre
Carol McIntyre
Chief Marketing Officer

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Tina Soika - Senior Vice President, Operations
Tina Soika
SVP Operations

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Steve Strong, SVP Clinics
Steve Strong
SVP Hearing Centers

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Victor Kiplev Nilsson - Head of IT
Victor Kiplev Nilsson
Head of IT

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Born out of care in 1904

HearingLife is part of the Demant Group which was founded by a husband who was determined to help his wife lead a better life. Camilla Demant had hearing loss, which Hans Demant wanted to improve. But he just didn't care about her hearing, he cared about her as a unique individual.


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