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Affordable hearing aids

HearingLife helps curb the cost of hearing health.

With prices that run between $1200 and $3500 per device, depending on the technology, style and type, we understand you have concerns about the cost of hearing aids. At HearingLife, we are troubled about the rising cost of healthcare, too. That said, it is important to appreciate the expenses in producing hearing aids and how you will benefit from wearing them. Get started with a free hearing assessment.

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Investing in your hearing and well-being makes sense

Hearing well is essential to your career, social interactions and happiness. In fact, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that, left untreated, hearing loss is linked to increased prevalence of dementia. That is why our hearing care professionals work with you to identify the right hearing aid to meet your needs, including your budget.

We know you are looking for an affordable hearing aid model. Did you know that, in some instances, hearing aids are covered by insurance?

Hearing aid insurance

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Financing options make affordable hearing aids

We have financing through CareCredit®, the same program used by other healthcare providers to offer the ability to pay over time

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*Subject to credit approval. See for details.

The cost of untreated hearing loss

Hearing aids may be expensive, but the cost of hearing loss is higher according to multiple studies. In fact, according to one article, over a lifetime hearing loss can cost an individual with severe to profound hearing loss $297,000.¹

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The Better Hearing Institute published a different study that found that families lost on average $12,000 in income² per year due to untreated hearing loss.

At HearingLife we understand that the initial hearing aid costs, especially higher-tiered models, can be steep, but hearing well is a valuable asset that impacts your life in ways that can't necessarily be measured in dollars and cents. Consider what it means to hearing well in these situations:

  • When speaking with doctors and healthcare providers.
  • In educational settings, whether schools, seminars, information sessions, etc.
  • When traveling - hearing directions, information on loudspeakers, instructions, etc.

The most important "cost" could be in miscommunication with family, friends and others when you miss parts of the conversation.

Education and the hidden cost of hearing loss

Among the most troubling costs associated with hearing loss is education. A recent national (US) study concluded that adults between 20 and 69 years of age had lower educational achievement when compared to well-hearing counterparts. People with hearing loss also had lower incomes and higher rates of unemployment or underemployment.³

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Want to learn how to make your hearing aids more affordable?

Our experts can help you to understand which financing options are available to you, and we can guide you every step of the way. Book a free consultation to learn more.
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² The Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss on Household Income
³ The Socioeconomic Impact of Hearing Loss in US Adults