streaming zoom with hearing aids

Streaming Zoom with hearing aids

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6/8/2020 12:00:00 AM • 5 min read

Are you connecting more and more to your family and friends using Zoom or other video conferencing apps or software? Perhaps you didn’t know that if you wear hearing aids, you can improve communication by streaming the sound to your hearing aids. We can explain how.

Connecting Oticon Opn® hearing aids with video conferencing using Apple® products
If you are using an iPhone® or iPad®, it is relatively straightforward. Once you have paired your Oticon hearing aids to your iPhone or iPad, the sound will stream automatically from Zoom or any other video conference software.

This video shows how to connect your hearing aids to use a Skype call (the concept is the same for Zoom):

Streaming sound from video conference software with Android™ cell phones
In order to connect your Oticon hearing aids with Zoom on an Android, you need to start with connecting to ConnectClip. Once connected, the sound will stream automatically. In fact, ConnectClip can connect people in many ways.

Streaming video-conference sound from other products
Finally, if you wear Opn hearing aids and are connecting to Zoom or other video-conferencing programs and not using an iPhone, iPad or Android cell phone, you will need to use a BT800 Dongle and the ConnectClip.

Using self-help guides to get the most out of ConnectClip
Hearing aids can work with a variety of apps and accessories so you can link them to a broad array of devices. To learn more on how to connect your hearing aids to apps, accessories like ConnectClip, and even your smartphone, check out HearingLife's self-help guides and videos.

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