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Charging your hearing aids when the power goes out

Contributed by HearingLife

9/30/2022 12:00:00 AM • 5 min read

If you have rechargeable hearing aids, you may be wondering what to do if you lose power for more than a few hours. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado or routine outage, make sure you have a plan for charging your hearing aids in an emergency. 

When you make a list for storm evacuation or preparations, be sure to include hearing aid batteries or your backup charging option. Here are our recommendations for backup charging for rechargeable hearing aids: 

Wireless SmartCharger

The Oticon SmartCharger can charge hearing aid batteries at least 3 times from its built-in power source before needing to be charged again. The SmartCharger also dehumidifies your hearing aids; so in rainy weather, this is the perfect device to throw in your emergency bag. 

Power Bank

If a SmartCharger doesn’t work for your hearing aids or if you don’t have one, you can purchase a more traditional power bank. Originally made for charging cell phones and other small devices on the go, you can use a power bank to plug in your hearing aid charger and ensure you still have power for several days of use. 

There are also larger power banks that can charge several devices at a time and include solar panel options, so if you are in an area that may have extended power outages, look into this option to charge multiple devices!

Backup Hearing Aids

If you have an old pair of battery-powered hearing aids, keep them around with a package of batteries for emergencies. If your hearing loss is severe, old hearing aids will be better than none! 

We hope these tips are helpful in your planning for an emergency. To purchase a SmartCharger, call your local HearingLife Office – and if you don’t have rechargeable hearing aids yet, schedule a complimentary appointment today to explore your options. 

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