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Decorating your hearing aids

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9/13/2023 12:00:00 AM • 4 min read

As hearing aids become more mainstream and less stigmatized (thanks to changemakers like the Golden Bachelor and viral TikTok videos), users are less likely to hide the devices and may even choose to decorate them! Some hearing aid wearers prefer to let people see their hearing aids – either to start a conversation about hearing loss, or just to let folks know they may need to take extra care in communicating.

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little personality to your hearing aids, read on for inspiration from around the web.

Stickers and washi tape for decorating hearing aids

Many people use tiny stickers, often meant for decorating your nails, to add a little extra personality to their hearing aids. We also saw many people using washi tape, which is easy to find at craft stores and comes in a huge range of colors and patterns.

If you decide to try this option, be sure not to block the battery door or recharging connection on your hearing aids or the microphones (small holes in the hearing aid that let sound in).

Colored tubes and earmolds

If your hearing loss requires larger tubing or custom earmolds, you can choose to have either of these made in a range of colors. From a bit of sparkle in a clear earmold to hot pink or even a camouflage pattern, colored earmolds can add a lot of personality to your hearing aids!

If you have small tubes on your hearing aids that cannot be customized, there are crafters on sites like Etsy who make “tube twists” that can decorate the wire between your hearing aid and earmold or dome.

Hearing aid jewelry

Another option is jewelry made for hearing aids. You can find various charms and even options that connect from hearing aids to earrings. A search on Etsy or Google will turn up a wide variety of options.

Some people make their own hearing aid jewelry by converting earrings into hearing aid charms by replacing the earring hook with a ring that can be threaded onto the hearing aid tube.

A few words of caution

If you decide to decorate your hearing aids, be sure to handle them carefully and do your decorating over a soft towel or cloth, so that if you drop your devices, they aren’t damaged. Never use glue, nail polish or paint on your hearing aids, and if you decorate with washi tape or stickers, be sure to take them off and have your hearing aids cleaned at least every 3 months by your hearing care provider.

We hope this discussion has inspired your creativity! If you decide to decorate your hearing aids, we would love to see a picture – share it with us on Instagram!

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