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Better Hearing = Better Relationships

Contributed by HearingLife

2/13/2023 12:00:00 AM • 4 min read

It may seem obvious that hearing your partner, friends and family would lead to having a better relationship with them, but did you know there is a large body of scientific evidence that supports this too?

Oftentimes, it is our loved ones who notice we are having trouble hearing like we used to. Our loved ones will also benefit greatly when we choose to treat our hearing loss. If you can’t hear your family like you used to, there’s a good chance they aren’t suddenly mumbling.

Here are some of the reasons why better hearing leads to better relationships:

Hearing better means less frustration

Not being able to hear other people leads to frustration – for you and for other people. At home, this frustration may lead to less communication, and then even more frustration! Wearing hearing aids can help bring back the day-to-day communication that strengthens relationships and home life.

Hearing better means more communication

If you’ve been mishearing or totally missing the things your partner has been saying, they are likely not saying much at all anymore. When hearing loss is treated, everyday conversation can come back. From a quick “I love you” to jokes and plans, the more you communicate with loved ones, the better your relationships will be.

Treating hearing loss can help fight cognitive decline

When hearing loss is addressed and treated, the risk of cognitive decline goes down, which means more time to engage with loved ones and the world. Keep your brain active and live your life to the fullest by taking care of your hearing health.

Making an effort matters

When you decide to address a problem like hearing loss, that effort matters to the people you love. Knowing that you care about yourself and your relationships enough to take care of them and look for solutions is important.

If you’ve noticed that your loved ones are suddenly mumbling, or your spouse is frustrated by how loud the TV is, or you have found yourself avoiding dinners out because you can’t hear in the restaurant anymore – it’s time for a hearing check. Schedule one today at your local HearingLife – it’s complimentary and our experienced professionals will help get you back to hearing the people you love.

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