Maheen Khokhar - HearingLife's people who care

Audiologist Maheen Khokhar - HearingLife's people who care

7/20/2023 12:00:00 AM • 6 min read

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HearingLife’s People Who Care series is meant to introduce you to just a few of our many hearing healthcare providers who serve you with professional, personalized care at our nationwide locations.

Maheen Khokhar, M.Sc., CCC-A, Audiologist, NJ Hearing Aid Dispenser Lic. #929, works at our Denville, New Jersey location. She has over 30 years of experience in audiology and has been part of the HearingLife Team since 2013.

“My journey to audiology was inspired by my internship at the Children’s Psychiatric Research Institute, working with autistic hearing-impaired children. I became aware of the impact of hearing loss on their ability to speak, to learn, and to communicate, as well as the challenges their parents faced in advocating for them and their futures. I decided to pursue my graduate studies in Audiology at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

“I began my career at University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada in diagnostic audiology, vestibular function and intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring. At the same time, the DSL Algorithm for fitting hearing aids was being developed at the university with the beta testing taking place at the hospital. I had an opportunity to be part of this team, so my interest in hearing aid dispensing grew.

“In 1993, I co-founded the hearing aid dispensing practice at the Portland Hospital in London, England. We helped children and adults in the UK and abroad in their hearing journeys.

“Since then, I have celebrated over 30 years as a dispensing audiologist and advocate committed to excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and misophonia. Although the latest hearing technology is remarkable, incorporating AI technology to support the brain in understanding speech with unprecedented clarity and reduction of noise, it is only part of a complex experience that leads to positive outcomes. Ultimately, it is customized and patient-centered treatment tailored with ingenuity, problem solving, troubleshooting, counseling and access to auditory rehabilitation that helps people with hearing loss the most.

“I am rewarded daily for providing the keys that technology and my experience and expertise use to unlock the sounds of life for my patients, allowing them to fully engage in the world around them. I take this responsibility joyfully and welcome every challenge that a patient presents.

“HearingLife is a great fit for me because the company thinks differently than most. We are working to change the status quo in hearing healthcare, to exceed expectations and succeed where others fail. I have the opportunity to train audiology interns from graduate programs, as well as Hearing Instrument Specialists studying for licensure. I am also credentialed to evaluate and treat veterans from the VA hospitals through our partnership with their Community Care Network.

“My career as an audiologist has been emotional, rewarding, enriching and humbling. I have been fortunate to live, study and work internationally, enjoying the cultural differences and diversity amongst people. I look at things from their perspective as well as mine. I have been around long enough to know that there is a deep and lasting joy that comes from a career and a day where I can impact another life or to serve and to give back to my community.

“I am an avid student of life and a citizen of the world. My interests include being a global traveler, art and art history aficionado, experimental chef and food stylist, and a women’s leadership and empowerment advocate, as well as helping marginalized populations.”

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