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OnDemand Hearing Care Now Available

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"by " HearingLife

It was Saturday morning, and as I reached to take my hearing aids out of the recharger, I noticed they didn’t seem to charge overnight. There was no green light indicating they were on, charged and ready to go. I looked over at my calendar to find that I had plans to see a show with friends later that evening. “Oh, no! Without my hearing aids, I won’t be able to hear!” I thought to myself. “And my hearing care provider is closed on weekends.” 

In this scenario, you would likely have to cancel your plans until you were able to visit your local hearing office… but not anymore. For the ultimate in convenience, HearingLife now offers you OnDemand, an after-hours service that’s available when our offices are not. This is a simple way to get the immediate attention you need for a variety of hearing-related or hearing aid issues. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, OnDemand is there for you no matter where you are. It all starts with a phone call to OnDemand Support. Just describe the reason for your call and you’ll be connected to an OnDemand Care Coach, who will talk with you via phone or set up a virtual consultation; the choice is yours. Call OnDemand Support at 888.277.3802. AVAILABLE Evenings: 5PM – 10PM EDT; Weekends: 9AM – 3PM EDT.

OnDemand can assist you with:*

  • Hearing aid issues, including troubleshooting and answering questions
  • Bluetooth® connectivity concerns
  • Adjustments and fine-tuning of your hearing aids
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Replacement assistance
  • Supply orders

OnDemand is a complimentary service for all existing HearingLife customers. It was designed with you in mind. In addition to our AfterCare services, OnDemand is now available: hearinglife.com/ondemand

*The availability of some services varies by state. See office for details. Closed on Federal holidays.