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Men’s hearing health matters

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

June is Men’s Health Month and HearingLife want to make sure we are empowering men across the country to focus on their hearing.

Being able to hear well ensures a better quality of life. Something as simple as hearing another person speak clearly is a most basic need, but there are countless ways that hearing is important (you can read 52 benefits of better hearing here). These benefits may include health, social and even financial aspects of your life.

Men are particularly prone to hearing loss and are five times as likely to experience hearing loss than women.¹ As men age, it's important that they pay close attention to any signs of hearing loss.

As with many other aspects of health, men and women differ in how they hear – including at which frequencies they hear better (generally women hear higher frequencies better, men hear lower better). It isn’t just how men and women hear, women are more likely to address their hearing loss than men.¹

The majority of hearing loss is sensorineural hearing loss, and is most often caused by:

  • Aging.

  • Exposure to loud noise.

  • Trauma to the head or ears.

  • Certain medications.

We can’t prevent aging, but we take action to help prevent hearing loss. Here are a few easy ideas that can make a difference:

  • Pay attention to your hearing health — Monitor your hearing by scheduling annual hearing check ups with a professional. If you haven’t had your hearing checked since elementary school, here’s what to expect at an appointment with HearingLife.

  • Treat hearing loss early — If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, it’s best to treat it right away. Hearing loss worsens over time. The sooner it is addressed, the less damaging it will be.

  • Eat well and exercise — It’s probably no surprise that your auditory system is impacted by your cardiovascular system. In fact, scientists have shown that following a Mediterranean diet is correlated with better hearing. Exercise also helps your body function, including your hearing. And it doesn’t have to be strenuous; even yoga is linked to better hearing.

For men who like gadgets and staying up to date with the latest technology, there are some great high-tech solutions to hearing loss. Hearing aids are basically minicomputers for your ears. Most models are Bluetooth enabled so that they can connect to a variety of devices. There are plenty of hearing aid accessories that help you get out and live. And, the latest hearing aids are rechargeable.

Hearing aids can be linked through apps to your phones, TV, laptops, doorbell and even your car. Hearing aid technology was featured with other new technology for seniors at the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). A TV Adapter makes it easy to watch your favorite show and stream the sound wirelessly into your hearing aids.

Focusing on hearing health is important

As June is Men’s Health Month and the week leading up to Father's Day is National Men's Health Week, we’d be happy to help your favorite man focus on his hearing. We welcome you to start with a no-obligation appointment for a hearing assessment at HearingLife.