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Does your Medicare Advantage Plan include hearing aids?

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

Time is running out to elect your 2021 Medicare Advantage Plan, and the team at HearingLife wants to help you choose the right plan for you! You can only elect (or make changes to) your Medicare-related benefits between October 15, 2020 and December 7, 2020 (unless you have a qualifying event or special circumstances). There is a lot to think about when choosing between the wide variety of providers and options. We encourage you to educate yourself on the latest information.

What is Medicare open enrollment?

Medicare is health insurance for seniors run by the U.S. Federal Government. Because it is so widely used, our customers routinely ask, “does Medicare cover hearing aids?” Unfortunately, Medicare plans A and B do not currently cover the cost of hearing aids. But there are other options if you are a senior (or a caregiver) looking for hearing aid insurance coverage. There are many supplemental plans that work with Medicare recipients who are looking to expand their coverage beyond basic Medicare. In addition to Medicare Advantage Plans, there are also supplemental plans, sometimes called "Medigap plans." These are available from private companies. Information on choosing Medigap plans is available here

There are many options in the marketplace, and the professionals at HearingLife understand the choices can be confusing. Some employers offer special Advantage plans for their retirees. Even if you have an employer-sponsored insurance plan, you may have a lot to take into consideration.

  • What are your current and future medical needs (you can't always predict this), your budget?

  • What options are covered?

  • What are your out-of-pocket costs?

  • What specialists take this insurance?

These are just a few important questions for you. Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to cover things that traditional Medicare doesn't include or only covers partially, but differ widely in cost and coverage.

Hearing healthcare can seem complicated. Since traditional Medicare doesn't cover hearing aids, we encourage people who have hearing loss to pick plans that cover their hearing needs. As policies vary widely, it is important that you check with any plan you are considering if they cover hearing care. When you book an appointment with HearingLife, we make every effort to confirm your insurance benefits prior to your visit, so you know what's covered.

Care for everyone

HearingLife serves people whether they have insurance or not. We understand that you may have questions about hearing aid prices, especially for technologically advanced devices. Periodically, we have special offers to help with the cost of hearing aids. We also are proud to be part of the Campaign for Better Hearing, which offers free hearing aids to people with financial needs. There are many benefits to better hearing, so we make every effort to keep hearing healthcare accessible to all.

Now is the time to make decisions regarding hearing care and Medicare Advantage Plans. Many insurance plans don’t include hearing care and your hearing health matters! The professionals at HearingLife encourage people with potential hearing loss to take their hearing care into account when choosing 2021 plans. Better to have the coverage when you need it.