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Connecting people with ConnectClip

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

Sometimes it isn’t just the hearing aid, but finding a solution through an accessory that makes all the difference for a person with hearing loss. That’s what Lorinda Rose, a hearing instrument specialist with HearingLife, experienced recently when an 87 year old hearing aid wearer came to see her in Plymouth, MA. The client was so hard-of-hearing that he couldn’t hear her basic questions about his health or history of hearing loss.

The client had stopped spending much time with his family. He no longer joined them when they went out to eat because he couldn’t hear in restaurants, and he felt isolated from his loved ones whom he couldn’t hear.

Understanding a person’s needs

Although her client wore a hearing aid, it had been years since he’d had an adjustment. When he arrived, he was very skeptical. He explained that even though he realized his hearing was getting worse, he didn’t like to wear his hearing aid. He said he couldn’t hear well enough with it, and that he could hear his own voice too loudly.

Lorinda gave her client a hearing assessment.* His hearing had become weaker since his last visit several years ago. She adjusted his hearing aids to meet her new assessment, and then she got an idea. She wanted to see if a popular accessory that serves as a microphone could help.

ConnectClip is an accessory that works with Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids. ConnectClip can work as a remote microphone, allow hearing aids to make wireless and video calls and can control settings on hearing aids remotely.

For Lorinda’s client, the aha moment came when he experienced the magic of sound. Lorinda told him, “I’ve got something for you to try.” She programmed the ConnectClip to work with his hearing aid and asked him, “What did you have for breakfast?”

The client's eyes watered. He piped up, “I can hear you!” It was a special moment that changed his attitude about the possibilities that hearing technology can offer.

A few minutes later, Lorinda left the room to print something,. She still was wearing the ConnectClip, which was acting as a microphone. Suddenly she heard him laughing because she said something funny to her colleague. “You can hear that?” she asked.

“Yes! I can! And I can’t wait to show this to my  kids.”

“Every day I get to help people overcome challenges caused by hearing loss. Once in a while, you have an extra special moment when you can really see how you change a person’s life. Yesterday, I had such an encounter when I was able to demonstrate how the ConnectClip can enhance a hearing aid’s capabilities.” Lorinda explains.

Lorinda, who has been a hearing care provider for about 15 months, finds joy and meaning in her new career path. “I love making a difference in people’s lives every day. I couldn’t believe he’s been struggling to hear for years, and I could help him with such a simple device.”

“His attitude changed from being so negative about his hearing aid to being excited to show off how well he could hear.” Lorinda hopes he will come regularly for adjustments and not wait. 

Hearing aids can work with a variety of apps and accessories so you can link them to a broad array of devices. To learn more on how to connect your hearing aids to apps, accessories like ConnectClip and even your smartphone, check out HearingLife's self-help guides and videos.

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