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Santa’s little helper is hearing aids

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

Do you remember sitting on Santa’s lap, whispering your Christmas wish in his ear when you were a child? You were probably confident he heard every word. You might have even expected to find your greatest wish wrapped in shiny paper under the tree on Christmas morning. But what if Santa only pretended to hear you? (Maybe that’s why you got a bat when you asked for a hat!)

With today’s technology, Santa is sure to hear every child’s wish. So receiving a gift probably depends more on whether a child is on the naughty or nice list, rather than if Santa heard properly.

Why Santa needs hearing aids

Just as Santa needs to remember to bring his glasses to read millions of letters every day, it's important that Santa has the best hearing aids for his lifestyle. In his line of work, hearing well is an integral part of his job.

What are the right hearing aids for Santa’s lifestyle?

Santa’s lifestyle is rather busy. To put it mildly, he travels a lot for work. Not only on Christmas Eve, but throughout the year, his responsibilities mean he must rely a keen sense of hearing. After decades of exposure to noisy toy-making machines, Santa likely has sensorineural hearing loss. Luckily there are great hearing aids to treat it. Santa’s lifestyle could really use the latest technology. So HearingLife offers the best hearing aid for his lifestyle.

Santa’s favorite hearing aid features

Today’s hearing aids are light and subtle with a variety of features, and high tech solutions for hearing loss including:

  • Outstanding sound quality. It’s important for Santa to hear little children. The smallest kids’ high pitched and softer volume voices can be hard to understand, even with excellent hearing, as they are just learning to talk. Top-tier quality receivers help Santa hear every child’s wish.

  • No feedback = better hugs. With his older hearing devices, Santa couldn’t fully enjoy a child’s hug because sometimes his hearing aids would have annoying feedback peeping. Now he doesn’t worry when a kid (or grateful adult) hugs him.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids. Santa is always on the go, and wants to wake up each morning without worrying about having to change batteries during the day.

  • Bluetooth hearing aids. Santa needs to be connected! With Bluetooth hearing aids, he can connect his hearing aids to the holiday carols on his cellphone, his tablet and even his smart home.

  • Telecoil. Some shops use telecoil for their intercoms. That way he hears important announcements or special sales.

  • IFTTT. By linking his hearing aids to the “If this, then that” web-based service, Santa can get a notification every time a child emails a wishlist.

  • Santa’s iPhone. Santa got an iPhone recently and his OPN S hearing aids pair seamlessly with it. Mrs. Clause especially likes that he can’t use the excuse, “Sorry, I didn’t hear your call” anymore. His GPS app can stream directions directly into his hearing aids.

Those are just a few of the features that Santa enjoys with his newest hearing aids.There are plenty of high tech accessories for hearing aids on the market today.

Santa’s 3 best hearing aid tips

Santa’s been wearing hearing aids for quite a long time. Here are his tips:

  1. Keep your side burns short near your ears. This will make hearing aids more comfortable.

  2. Don’t let your hearing aids get wet. Whether it’s rain or snow, hearing aids don’t like moisture. Here are tips from audiologists if your devices get wet.

  3. Avoid covering your hearing aids with your hat. That way your devices can capture the sound and give you a letter listening experience.

Mrs. Clause’s favorite reasons for hearing aids.

If you ask Mrs. Clause, she would say that Santa’s hearing aids make him more confident, because he can hear the people around him and stay ahead at work. She also likes that the two of them argue less over silly misunderstandings because he couldn't hear her correctly. As a caregiver of someone with hearing loss, Mrs. Clause also knows how Santa's hearing aids work in the case that he ever needs help. 

After Christmas – Santa enjoys a peaceful movie

On December 26th, after a very long nap, you’ll find Santa resting in his easy chair, streaming sound from his favorite movies straight into his hearing aids.

Happy Holidays from HearingLife!