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6234 W. 95th Street, Oak Lawn, IL 60453

We offer hearing assessments and hearing aids at our Oak Lawn, IL Hearing Aid Center

AccuQuest in Oak Lawn, IL is now HearingLife.

Welcome to HearingLife's hearing center in Oak Lawn, IL. HearingLife's licensed hearing care providers in Illinois will help you to achieve better hearing.

Current update: At HearingLife, we are constantly evaluating how to best serve your hearing healthcare needs in changing times. We offer several options for you to choose from, including in-office visits with a hearing care provider, RemoteCare and self-help. We are taking every precaution to keep you safe in our office.

All HearingLife locations offer:

  • Complimentary hearing assessments.*

  • Expert care by licensed providers.

  • The opportunity to test how Oticon® hearing aids work and feel in our office.

If you have concerns about your hearing, we invite you to book a no-obligation hearing assessment. You can request an appointment online or call (708) 576-4075.

Check your hearing in Cook County, Illinois

Have you experienced a change in your hearing? Do you have tinnitusor buzzing in your ears? If so, we welcome you to schedule a hearing assessment with a hearing care professional in our Oak Lawn office. You can also check your hearing online.

The hearing assessment is complimentary, and we accept many types of hearing aid insurance.

Do you know what to expect at your first appointment with HearingLife? 

A hearing assessment is the first step to see if you have hearing loss. A licensed hearing care provider will inspect your ears and use various methods to check your hearing. You will sit in a comfortable soundproof room or sound booth and wear headphones. Then we will ask you to listen to and respond to various tones, speech sounds and voices.

Your responses will be recorded on an audiogram and the results will help indicate if you have hearing loss or not. We are happy to answer any questions and fully review your results with you. After that, we can discuss next steps.

Generally a hearing assessment and consultation takes less than an hour. Learn more about your hearing when you visit us. 

Hearing aids in Oak Lawn, IL

If your hearing assessment demonstrates that you need hearing aids in Oak Lawn, there are a options for you to discuss with your provider:

  1. We will demonstrate the different types of hearing aids, including behind-the-ear hearing aids and almost invisible hearing aids. Together with your hearing care provider, you will identify what is the best hearing aid for your lifestyle.

  2. You will be able to try on and test out how the hearing aids feel and work. If you need an in-the-ear hearing aid that is personally molded to your ears, we will take an impression of your inner ear.

  3. We will fit or order the devices and program them to meet your individual hearing needs.

Today's hearing aids are modern, tasteful and discreet. In addition, our hearing aids are more technically advanced than ever before. We carry rechargeable hearing aids and offer a wide array of connectivity options via Bluetooth®.

We are confident that you will love your new hearing aids, but if you aren't completely satisfied with them, you have 30 days** to return them. Read more about trying hearing aids risk-free.

If you have been wearing hearing aids for years, you might not have noticed changes in your hearing. HearingLife offers hearing wellness visits where we can check to see if your current aids require a cleaning or reprogramming, and to address any repair or maintenance or other concerns. 

Hearing care provider in Oak Lawn, IL

All HearingLife hearing care providers are licensed by state. Our providers receive ongoing training in the latest hearing care and hearing technology.

Our licensed providers in Oak Lawn can help you with:

  • Hearing assessments.
  • Individual hearing solutions.
  • Testing hearing aids, accessories, repairs and follow-up care.

Our professionals can help you and your loved ones improve your communication with each other, in various situations, both with and without hearing aids.

Let HearingLife's professionals in Oak Lawn help you reach your full hearing potential.

HearingLife's hearing center in Oak Lawn

HearingLife's Oak Lawn location is open on Monday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Tuesday through Fridays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

We are located one block east of Ridgeland on 95th St. in a small shopping strip mall called "Shops of Oak Lawn" where you can choose to dine at "Jason's Deli", "Chipotle" or "Francesca's on 95th St."

Other hearing care locations near Oak Lawn, IL

We have offices across Illinois. You can also find us in these nearby locations:

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Meet the staff

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Audiologist, Lic. #147-000212
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Donald Lamb

Audiologist, Lic. #147-000212

Don Lamb grew up in the rural farming community of Serena, IL. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in education from Illinois State University and taught special education for several years. Looking for a new challenge, while still wanted to work with a handicapped population, Don received his Master of Arts degree in audiology from Northern Illinois University. He is a licensed Clinical Audiologist with over thirty years of experience in diagnosing and treating hearing issues. Don is married and has two adult children. He has resided, with his wife, in Naperville, Ill. since 1987. He enjoys exercise, travel and sports.

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Hearing Instrument Dispenser, Lic. #3295
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Jacob Smith

Hearing Instrument Dispenser, Lic. #3295

Jacob Smith was born in Detroit, Michigan. He has been a Hearing Instrument Dispenser since 2016, working in Texas, Indiana and Illinois. Jacob received his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois Wesleyan University and completed post-graduate studies at Argosy University and Parkland College. Jacob has had personal experience with hearing loss in his family and has a child with hearing aids. He lives in Aurora and likes to cook, play board games, practice guitar and garden. He looks forward to working with you and helping you hear better!