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7310 W 52nd Ave., Suite S, Arvada, CO 80002

We offer hearing assessments and hearing aids at our Arvada, CO Hearing Aid Center

The professionals at HearingLife are focused on your hearing wellness. If you believe that you or a loved one has hearing loss, we invite you to stop in for a free hearing assessment* at our office in Arvada. We are located at 7310 W 52nd St., Suite S. If you are running late for an appointment or need help finding us, please call (303) 647-6759.

"I think you need a hearing test. Arvada has a great place called HearingLife" 

Has anyone ever said that to you? If so, make an appointment to discuss your needs with our professionals. We offer tailor-designed solutions, including hearing aids, for people who want to regain confidence that their hearing loss won't impact their relationships. If you have trouble hearing, with hearing aids you can manage more independently, because you heard information correctly the first time.

Providing hearing care and hearing aids for Jefferson and Adams Counties, Colorado and beyond

HearingLife has locations across the US, including right here in Colorado. Should you need information on hearing wellness, hearing loss or want to understand more about how hearing aids work, schedule an appointment now.

HearingLife is your source for Oticon and other top-quality hearing aids in Arvada, CO

We know that you have options for your hearing care. That's why the team at HearingLife makes sure that you are fitted with the best product that meets your individual needs and budget. If you have problems hearing, test out the various styles of hearing aids that we offer.  The nuances of sound play an important role to your life. Whether your hearing loss is profound or you have mild loss at high frequencies, we will find the appropriate solution for your needs. Come for a demonstration of HearingLife's latest devices in our location in Arvada to test hearing aids out. We carry many options - including in-the-canal and behind the ear - so you can make an informed choice. 

Get fitted for hearing aids in Arvada, using modern diagnostic equipment at HearingLife

You can count on the professional team at HearingLife to use the right equipment to help you make the right decision. If you have questions about a product, or about what happens during a hearing assessment, we are happy to answer your questions so you feel comfortable. We also welcome you to bring a friend or family member with you for your visit.

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Meet the staff

Au.D., CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology
Laura Schauer

Au.D., CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Laura Schauer joined the HearingLife team in
2021. She was born in California, but moved to
Colorado at a young age. She received her Doctor
of Audiology degree from the University of Northern
Colorado in Greeley.
Dr. Schauer has a great passion to help those with
hearing loss, having experienced a progressive
hearing loss herself. This is what motivated her to
pursue a career in audiology – to make a difference
in the lives of those with hearing loss, as her own
audiologists have done for her. She has personal
experience with hearing aids, BiCROS hearing
systems, communication strategies, home alerting
systems and cochlear implants.
Dr. Schauer has been featured in the Hands &
Voices blog, won the Graduate Dean’s Citation for
Excellence award in graduate school, and was the
student speaker at her doctorate graduation. She
also designed the “Laura Listening Tube,” a custom
device that allows audiologists with hearing loss to
more easily diagnose any problems with a patient’s
hearing aids.