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HearingLife – Hearing Aids:
New London, NH

75 Newport Road
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HearingLife – Hearing Aids:
New London, NH

Our team is pleased to join the HearingLife family. You will still find our same friendly staff are here to meet all of your hearing wellness needs. Our logo and branding may be changing, but we continue to provide outstanding care, world-class hearing aids and the friendly service you expect from us.

Is this a question you’re already familiar with? If so, schedule an appointment to talk about your needs with our highly trained professionals. We provide tailor-made solutions, including hearing aids, for individuals who want to improve their hearing health, and overall quality of life.

At HearingLife, Nuance Matters. That's why the professionals at HearingLife ensure your individual needs and budget are met with the best hearing aids for your lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to test the many styles of hearing aids that we offer – including the in-the-canal and behind-the-ear – and receive demonstrations of our latest devices, so you can make an educated decision. We understand the critical role that sound plays in everyday life, so whether you’re experiencing mild or severe hearing loss, we will find the optimal solution for your lifestyle.

You can depend on the professionals at HearingLife to take all the necessary steps to help you make the right decision. We are more than happy to answer any questions related to a product, or about what happens during a hearing assessment.* We also encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you during your visit if it makes you more comfortable.

Our Staff

  • Katy Abrams

    Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser Lic. #1097

    Katy Abrams grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. She has been in the hearing industry for nearly 10 years, working in facilities that were near where her husband’s job took them. Now that her husband has retired, she’s so thrilled to be back in New Hampshire. Katy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Throughout her career, she has always been involved with caring for people’s needs. This has enabled her to become a good listener who strives to assist her patients to the best of her ability.