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HearingLife Launches 4 Free Hearing Care Services Available Nationwide

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"by " Elizabeth Lande



"Every day we hear heart-warming stories from our patients how we have helped them overcome challenges. This is why we exist.”

Dr. Leslie Soiles, Chief Audiologist, HearingLife.

HearingLife, the nationwide hearing care provider, founded on care, has announced today it now offers 4 new ways to help service their patients and patients of other hearing companies who may be closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In order to help best serve our patients, and anyone with hearing needs in the US, and support social distancing, our HearingLife Team Members quickly worked together to launch 4 new free services – 800#Live Support, Free Batteries shipped-to-home, and Self-Help videos & How-to Guides available on HearingLife.com and Remote Care.” shares Dean Pappous, President of HearingLife. All of these services reduce the need for in-office visits which is especially for our more vulnerable populations. Learn more at HearingLife/Care

  • 800# Live Support provides personalized consultations for Hearing Aid wearers to help troubleshoot issues, set up bluetooth connectivity, and more in real time. Anyone in need can access this service via the HearingLife Support line, 1-844-836-5003.

  • Free Batteries will be shipped to anyone in need in the US. Call 1-844-836-5003 to access this service. See HearingLife.com/Care for details.

Self-Help videos and How-to Guides have been made available on HearingLife.com to help assist hearing aid users with a variety of questions and issues.

  • Remote Care provides personalized consultations for HearingLife patients to help with remote hearing aid adjustments, connectivity, and more in real time. This service, currently for HearingLife existing customers, is led by HearingLife’s Chief Audiologist, Dr. Leslie Soiles.

“Our patients tell us that being able to hear what is happening in the world today and to stay in touch with family and friends is more critical than ever in this time of social distancing. Every day we hear heart-warming stories from our patients how we have helped them overcome these challenges. This is why we exist.” According to Dr. Leslie Soiles, HearingLife’s chief audiologist.