Jerry gets free hearing aids from The Campaign for Better Hearing

Man gets gift of hearing years after freak accident

10/31/2023 12:00:00 AM

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Decades ago, Jerry Sumners experienced a freak accident at work on a construction site that left him deaf in one ear.

"I ran a jackhammer, put a stake in. I hit five sticks of dynamite, which threw me 25 feet in the air. All I had on was my belt and my shoes and I survived it," Jerry said.

When Jerry stopped in to HearingLife in Franklin, Tennessee to see if they could help, Michele Fiscus was happy to show him his options and how much they could help. Unfortunately, Jerry wasn’t able to afford the new hearing devices on his fixed income.

That’s when Michele decided to nominate Jerry for free hearing aids through The Campaign for Better Hearing.

"It was a good feeling to tell him we’ve got your hearing aid, Jerry," Michelle said.

Jerry was so appreciative of the hearing aid and the new lease on life it gives him. Learn more about The Campaign for Better Hearing here.


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