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What’s Your Hearing Worth?

For as little as $5 a day, you could improve your hearing.+ That’s like 1 tin of gingerbread cookies!

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Invest in the Quality of Your Life

Invest in the quality of your life, along with the simple pleasures that brings. For as little as $5 a day, you could improve your hearing. That’s just like getting a gift every day!

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HearingLife offers demonstrations of the most advanced hearing devices on the market today. We invite you to check out this groundbreaking technology to see what works for you. Stop in for a:

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Do you know the facts?

Studies show1 that untreated hearing loss can negatively affect relationships with friends and family, causing feelings of isolation and making communication difficult.

  • Older adults who use hearing aids show reduced depression symptoms and improved quality of life.2
  • Only 3 in 10 adults who had a physical exam in the last year say it included a hearing screening.3
  • Nearly 50% of adults ages 60-69 have hearing loss.4

Are you one of the nearly 50 million Americans2 with some degree of hearing loss? (If you aren't sure, then it might be time for a hearing assessment.*)

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