Personalized hearing care to help you keep being you. (Nico smiling as he serves food from his food truck).)

Keep being you.
Love your ears.

Have you ever thought about all the things your hearing lets you keep?

Maybe it's something you're really good at, like playing the guitar. Maybe you're trying something new, but absolutely love, like karaoke. Maybe it’s the feeling you get when you hear the sound of the key in the front door.

These are the things you always want to keep. Your hearing helps you keep being you.

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Untreated hearing loss can affect you in more ways than one:

  • You may feel that it's difficult to stay present and focused.
  • You may struggle to remember details.
  • You may feel left out of the conversation.
  • You may be less interested in social activities you 
    normally enjoy.

If you've noticed changes in your hearing, it might be time to get your hearing checked. Our skilled experts conduct complimentary consultations to understand your hearing and the unique impact it has on your life. Get started by booking yours today.

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How is your hearing? Find out now.

Answer the following questions to see if it would be helpful for you to get your hearing tested.

1. Around the table
1. Do you have trouble following conversations when there are 4 or more people present?
2. Have you received advice from your family or friends to get your hearing tested?
3. Do you ever struggle to understand what others are saying because you cannot hear properly?
4. Do you find yourself turning up the TV or radio even when the volume is loud enough for others?

Your Result:

A hearing assessment is recommended.

Your answers indicate that you are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss. We strongly recommend booking a hearing assessment in one of our offices.

The result is an indication. An in-person hearing assessment can determine if you have a hearing loss.

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Your Result:

A hearing assessment would be beneficial for you.

Your answers indicate that you experience some symptoms of hearing loss. We recommend booking a hearing assessment in one of our offices.

The result is an indication. An in-person hearing assessment can determine if you have a hearing loss.

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Your Result:

You may benefit from a hearing assessment.

Your answers do not indicate that you are currently experiencing symptoms of hearing loss. However, having a baseline hearing assessment will be helpful for the future.

The result is an indication. An in-person hearing assessment can determine if you have a hearing loss.

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About HearingLife

At HearingLife, we combine our expertise, the latest hearing technology, and one-of-a-kind personalization to help you keep being you.

Experts in hearing care
Experts in hearing care

We believe that an excellent understanding of your hearing leads to an excellent hearing solution for you. That’s why our skilled experts start with an in-depth hearing evaluation at no cost whatsoever. 

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The latest technology
Smart hearing technology can do so much for your hearing and your life. Experience cutting-edge hearing technology that makes it easy to be yourself. Best of all, you can try it risk-free for 30 days.**
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Tailored hearing solutions

We take a personal approach to hearing care. No two people are the same and no two ears are the same, so our mission is to deliver a hearing solution that best fits your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.

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Keep laughter in your life

For Maria, her friendships mean the world to her. Being in on the joke and laughing until her face hurt was too good to give up.

When she noticed that conversations with her friends had started to leave her tired and overwhelmed, she realized her hearing loss might be affecting more than just her ears. She knew it was time to get her hearing checked by an expert.

Whatever is most important to you, staying on top of your hearing health can help you keep it. Love your ears with a complimentary hearing assessment at HearingLife.

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Love your ears with personalized hearing care


We always start by getting to know you, your communication needs and wishes, and your medical case history.


We conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation to understand your hearing ability. At this stage, we are able to identify how much and what kind of hearing loss is present.


Should your hearing evaluation indicate that you would benefit from a hearing solution, we will recommend a hearing aid and fine-tune it to meet your unique hearing needs and goals.


To ensure the hearing solution is right for you before committing, you can try it risk-free for 30 days.**


When you purchase the hearing aids, we offer unlimited adjustments and support during your warranty period to make sure the hearing aids are still providing the best and most comfortable hearing experience for you.++
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Keep hearing & dancing. - Marco is smiling and listening to the music as he dances.

Keep being in the moment

Marco took action when he no longer enjoyed being the life of the party. He tried invisible hearing aids, took them with him on the dance floor, and never looked back. An advanced hearing solution got Marco back on track, back to grooving, back to being in the moment, and back to feeling like himself.

When you care for your hearing, you can keep savoring the moment. Experience the latest hearing technology with a 30-day risk-free trial.

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Keep hearing & doing. Nico smiles as he serves from his food truck.

Keep being independent

For Niko, being his own boss felt so freeing at one point. But over time, it felt limiting when he began struggling to communicate with his customers.

It took Niko 15 years to build his business. Now, with the right hearing solution, he's confident he'll still be running it for the next 15.

HearingLife's personalized hearing care keeps his hearing as sharp as his knives so he can be his best every day. See what state-of-the-art hearing technology tailored to your needs can do for your hearing and your life.

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