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HearingLife's virtual choir gives back to those in need

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"by " Elizabeth Lande



"We not only offer the latest in both audiology and technology,
but what we really care about is quality of life and improving communication."



Our lives have changed dramatically because of COVID-19. Unfortunately for many, that means impacting their health and quality of life. Many who were living with untreated hearing loss have been struggling even more due to social distancing and wearing masks.

In these times, communication is everything and our hearing has never been a more vital part of life. Communication has evolved throughout the last decade and technology has empowered us to connect with family, friends and colleagues across the world.

HearingLife, the nationwide hearing care provider founded on care, is doing everything they can to raise awareness on hearing loss and how to improve your quality of life through hearing better. They are donating an extra $5 (up to $25,000) to the National Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back Program for every share of their Virtual Choir video. This donation will help more people in need hear better this holiday season.

The Virtual Choir, which is comprised of more than 50 singers who submitted recordings singing “Thank You for Being a Friend,” aims to recognize and thank hearing care providers and their patients across the country for taking courageous steps to address their hearing needs this year. HearingLife is tapping into the power and joy of music through the inspirational lyrics of the  song, “Thank you for Being a Friend,” made popular as the theme song for The Golden Girls television show. The choir will reinforce the importance of helping friends and family in these tough times during the holidays.

“We know this year has been difficult, especially for those who experience hearing loss and may be facing new communication challenges as a result of the pandemic,” said Dr. Leslie Soiles, Chief Audiologist, HearingLife. “We’re hopeful that our Virtual Choir not only inspires our communities to reach out and connect with loved ones this holiday season, but to also continue to help raise awareness for the important issue of hearing health.”

Throughout the pandemic, HearingLife’s professionals have continued to serve and support patients, in-person with safety protocols where possible, and via a live support line when local offices are temporarily closed. “We not only offer the latest in both audiology and technology, but what we really care about is quality of life and improving communication. It is when our customized solutions get families or friends back on the same wavelength that we make a real difference. We go to work every day to help more people hear better and give them back their

ability to reconnect and communicate with their loved ones and the world around them. This is what we work for every day, and this is what lies in our DNA. The HearingLife Team

To learn more about the National Campaign for Better Hearing or to find out how you can improve your life through better hearing, talk to an expert today. To view and share HearingLife’s Virtual Choir, visit HearingLife on Facebook or go to http://www.hearinglife.com.


HearingLife is a Demant company, a world-leading hearing healthcare group, that was founded on care. We have a long history of making life-changing differences through hearing health. HearingLife is one of the largest groups of hearing care centers in the U.S. with more than 600 centers nationwide across 42 states. We follow a proven, results-oriented approach to hearing health where skilled professionals deliver the best hearing care, tailored to the unique needs of each customer.

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