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We are excited to announce the transition of A & B Hearing Aid & Audiology Centers to HearingLife. The signs outside our clinics might be changing but the core values and experts inside remain the same. As a member of the HearingLife family, you will continue to experience outstanding care, dedicated staff and the highest quality hearing technology, resulting in hearing solutions you value.

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A day on the ranch with Josh Sellars, HearingLife patron

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Test Your Ears at 60 Years!

We are pleased to be part of the National Campaign for Better Hearing. HearingLife encourages you to get a baseline hearing assessment* and to monitor your hearing health annually.

Campaign for Better Hearing

Which hearing aids are right for you?

HearingLife's professionals help you choose the best hearing aids for your lifestyle and calibrate them specifically for your ears.

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  • Walk-in hours
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free batteries for life
  • Complimentary aftercare

Your hearing is our expertise

Why choose the HearingLife experts?

  • Our professional approach

    Hearing loss is a condition in which an individual struggles to hear certain sounds or decipher speech. Ignoring changes to your hearing can have serious consequences. Since it affects one of our most important senses, and treatment improves your overall well-being, we encourage you to seek professional help so you can hear well again.

  • We help people hear better

    We strive to help people with hearing loss reach their full hearing potential. With a results-oriented approach to hearing healthcare and experienced professionals to guide you, we tailor solutions for your individual needs. Whether this is your first hearing assessment* or you have been wearing hearing aids for many years, you can count on HearingLife to provide standout service and care.

  • New to HearingLife?

    We are excited to announce that many of our affiliated offices are "taking on the family name," HearingLife. In 2018 about 100 locations changed their name to HearingLife. We will continue to add new locations, with the majority of changes occurring in 2019. Ultimately we will have about 500 HearingLife offices in the United States. The signs on the outside might be new, but the values on the inside remain the same.

Test yourself!

Our online hearing test can give you an indication of how well you hear, and includes background noise and self-evaluation questions.


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