Discreet and almost invisible, today's behind-the-ear hearing aids are so tiny and tastefully designed that few people will notice you are wearing them.

Just how visible are behind-the-ear hearing aids?

Pick a model below for a 360-view of behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Discreetly tucked away

  • Behind-the-ear models are the perfect choice if you want extra power in a discreet and modern design. The majority of hearing aid users with severe and profound hearing loss prefer behind-the-ear hearing aids. These hearing aids come in two variations:
  • – Sometimes called a BTE hearing aid, this is the world’s most common type of hearing aid for people with severe hearing loss. The sound passes through a tube to an earpiece that is perfectly adapted to your ear. This type has a larger battery than Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) solutions and can accommodate a larger amplifier, which makes them more powerful.

    – also known as a RITE. The sound is sent via a discreet, hair-fine wire to the receiver (loudspeaker) seated in the ear canal, close to the eardrum. A small bud or individually molded earpiece holds the loudspeaker in place. This type can have a smaller battery than BTE hearing aids, making it more discreet. The applicability of this type of hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss you have.