Types of hearing aids

Types of hearing aids

You are unique, so your hearing needs and lifestyles deserve an individualized approach. That's why HearingLife spends time getting to know you, so we explore the types of hearing aids with you, so we can discover which model will improve your hearing. Our professionals know that hearing healthcare is not "one size fits all."
Types of hearing aids

This style sits behind the ear, collecting sound in a very small receiver that transmits it into the ear canal. Minute in size, these devices are much smaller than the standard old-fashioned hearing aids. Offering a smart solution for capturing sound accurately in even the most complex listening environment, it is HearingLife's most popular type of hearing aid.

Types of hearing aids

Hearing aid hide-and-seek: in-the-canal models

Hearing aids placed in the ear canal are customized to the shape of each individual ear. In-the-ear hearing aids are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. You can rely on HearingLife’s competence and experience in your fitting, which is arguably the most important part of the process. We gain this skill through an understanding of individual hearing needs, and discuss your lifestyle so that the results are truly personal.

We are hearing wellness experts. But in order to advise you, first we discuss your concerns and goals. If you come to visit us, you can see our wide selection of quality hearing aids. We invite you to try on different types to see which you prefer — as we know the importance of the right fit.

It all begins with a free hearing assessment.* If you discover that you need hearing aids, finding the right one will help you to enjoy the time you spend with friends and family. Hearing aids make communication easier, with less stress on your brain.

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Our ears are as unique as our fingerprints. Your hearing loss can vary widely from that of your friends and family, plus we take into account your lifestyles. That way, we can match the right technology to your personalized needs, and give you the best listening experience.

Today’s hearing aids offer you a selection of personalized programs, directional microphones and reduced feedback. Thanks to these technological advances, HearingLife's devices allow you to enjoy pristine sound quality in a variety of sound settings.

Not Your Grandmother's Hearing Aids

HearingLife specializes in cutting-edge technology that delivers clear, crisp sound. With new advances come new opportunities and modern styling for a new generation of hearing aid wearers. Individually programmed and wired to strengthen your hearing weaknesses, you will hear well with less effort.

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