What to expect at your free hearing assessment

What to expect
at your first appointment

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Here's what you can expect at your first hearing assessment*

Your ability to live a full and satisfying life is our top priority. Healthy hearing is essential to having a good quality of life. Our hearing care experts will deliver personalized hearing care to help you realize your full hearing potential.

We are providing a safe environment
in our offices.


Our hearing care professionals will take the time to get to know you. This initial conversation will address details about your hearing, overall health, lifestyle, living environment and leisure activities, as well as any specific concerns or challenges you may be experiencing.


Next, we will examine your ears and check for earwax and any foreign objects which could be blocking your ear canals. We will also look for damage to your eardrum(s), infection or other abnnormalities.


Your hearing assessment is simple and painless. You will sit in a soundproof room or booth wearing headphones. We will ask you to listen to and respond to various tones, speech sounds and voices. Your responses will be recorded on an audiogram and the results will help indicate if you have an aidable hearing loss or not. Once complete, your hearing care professional will review the results with you and discuss next steps and, if needed, treatment options.

Bring a close friend or family member to your first appointment.

It is generally very helpful to bring a person with a familiar voice to your hearing assessment. It helps the hearing care professional see how well you understand words spoken by someone who is close to you and provides the most accurate assessment for maximum results.

In addition, should you feel anxious, it can help to have a friendly face and calming voice. You’ll typically get more out of your visit if someone close to you can share the experience. Plus, your loved one will have a better understanding of some of the challenges involved with your hearing loss and potentially learn effective communication strategies.

Please bring your driver’s license or I.D. and insurance card, if you have one.

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