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In order to use the Phone Adapter you must be first pair to a streamer or Connect Clip. The Phone Adapters Power Indicator will be Blue if it is paired and in range.

How to answer a call

  1. You will hear an incoming call alert in your hearing aids

  2. The Phone Adapter and Connect Clip will blink Green

  3. Press the large button on the Connect Clip to answer the call

  4. To end the call simply press the large button again

How to make a call

  1. Briefly press the large button on the Connect Clip

  2. A dial tone should now be heard in the hearing aids and the indicator on the Adapter and Clip will turn green

  3. Dial the desired number on your phone


Need additional help? Technical Support is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm EST by:

  • Email: contact-us@hearinglife.com

  • Phone: (844) 836-5003