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  1. Take your iPhone® or iPad® and go under Settings.

  2. Ensure that Bluetooth® is ON.

  3. Select Accessibility. For older Apple®devices, you may need to select General, then Accessibility.

  4. Scroll down and select Hearing Devices.

  5. Your device will search for your hearing aids automatically.

    • If your hearing aids use batteries: Open and close the battery doors for both of your aids while this is happening.

    • If your hearing aids are rechargeable: Hold the volume down button for 3 seconds to turn them off, then do this again to turn them on. They will be in pairing mode for 3 minutes.

  6. Your hearing aids will appear as an available device once they are found. Select the name of your hearing aids.

  7. Select Pair when you are prompted to do so by your device. You may need to do this twice.

  8. Phone calls will now automatically stream from your device to your hearing aids while Bluetooth is on.

  9. For faster access, you may access the accessibility shortcut by quickly pressing the home button 3 times while on the home screen. (If your phone doesn’t have the home button, use the side button.)

*You can adjust the volume of your hearing aids through the Hearing Aids menu on your phone*

*This will not work if your iPhone® is not version 5 or higher*

For a list of compatible devices, please click here.


Need additional help? Technical Support is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm EST by:

  • Email: contact-us@hearinglife.com

  • Phone: (844) 836-5003