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Volume Control Instructions (for hearing aids that have a volume control included)

  1. Press the volume button on the back of your hearing aid to either raise or lower the volume.

  2. Pressing the top volume button on your hearing aid increases the volume.

  3. Pressing the lower volume button on your hearing aid lowers the volume.

Program Control Instructions

  1. These programs are added by your hearing care professional.

  2. Press the program button to change programs (The highest button on your hearing aids).

  3. Press the button again to go back to your default program (Depending on how many programs you have).

*Opening and closing the battery door resets the hearing aids to their default settings*

Need additional help? Technical Support is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm EST by:

  • Email: contact-us@hearinglife.com

  • Phone: (844) 836-5003