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Hearing aid batteries from HearingLife

Since your hearing aid won't work without them, the batteries in your hearing aid are nearly as important as the device itself. We offer only high-quality batteries that are recommended by leading hearing aid manufacturers.

A new battery will keep your hearing aid powered for between three to ten days before it needs to be replaced. Its lifetime depends on the style of hearing aid you have, and how you use it. When you need to change the battery, you may hear a few short beeps.

Once you have inserted a fresh battery, your hearing aid will start up as soon as you close the battery drawer. Then, your hearing aid may whistle while you hold it in your hand, so put it on immediately. To make your batteries last as long as possible, turn your hearing aid off when you aren't using it by opening the battery drawer.

Certain makes and models of hearing aids can use rechargeable batteries.

Purchase new hearing aids at HearingLife, and you may receive free batteries for the life of your devices. Ask for details from your hearing care provider.

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