HearingLife Care You Can Count On

Hearing Care You Can Count On

HearingLife is here for you with special support and services to help address your hearing care needs. Even if you have challenges visiting one of our offices, we offer these services for your convenience.

Support is a phone call away

Live Support provides personalized consultations for hearing aid wearers to help troubleshoot issues, set up Bluetooth® connectivity and more, in real time. Our hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM and Saturday – Sunday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern).

Call Customer Support (844) 836-5003

HearingLife Support
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Free Battery Order Form

HearingLife is pleased to offer free non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries to our customers. If you are not a customer, please call (844) 836-5003.
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OnDemand+ is now available to all existing HearingLife customers. Our hearing care professionals are available to assist with hearing aid issues, Bluetooth® connectivity concerns, fine tuning adjustments and supply needs. Our OnDemand program offers personalized one-on-one care, while customers remain safely at home. To learn more about OnDemand, please click here.

Call Customer Support (844) 836-5003.

HearingLife OnDemand

Self-Help Guides

Informative videos and guides with step-by-step explanations to give you the tools you need to handle maintenance and get connected from the comfort of your home. These guides include:

  • Hearing aid maintenance
  • Hearing aid use
  • How to use IFTTT (If this then that) with your Oticon device
  • Oticon accessories
  • Oticon rechargeable accessories

Hearing aid maintenance

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HearingLife Drive Up Services

1-2-3 Drive-up Program⁺

By implementing a new 1-2-3 Drive-up Service program, we can manage service issues while you wait comfortably in your car. When you arrive, we will:

  1. Collect your hearing aids in a disposable holder.
  2. Take your hearing aids to our lab, disinfect them and provide any necessary repairs.
  3. Return them to you in your car.

During this process, we maintain infection control by wearing gloves and masks.

99% of users would recommend this program to others!

Drive-up services are not available at all locations.

+Batteries: Non-rechargeable batteries are free of charge to all existing HearingLife customers. All supplies are limited to a 2-month supply and are subject to availability. Please contact your local office for more information. Self-Help: Our standard terms and conditions apply. Please see the additional information on this website, below. OnDemand: Please contact our specially trained agents for hearing aid supply and troubleshooting issue assistance. Available to existing HearingLife customers. This service is free of charge. Most repairs are free of charge; there may be additional charges for loss or damage which require more extensive repair or replacement and/or that may be out of warranty plans. All Care services on this page are subject to availability, and may be discontinued or altered at any time.