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You can hear better than you ever thought possible; just read these testimonials from people who achieved results from HearingLife. 

At HearingLife, we love to help people!

Our goal is to offer a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a complete hearing aid fitting, we are here to help you hear well. See what people are saying about us.




I wish I had gone sooner. My practitioner was so patient with me through the process of testing and fitting. I can’t say enough nice things about HearingLife (formerly Whisper Hearing Center). What a difference this had made in my life. I’ve taken classes, been in large crowds, theater, restaurants, etc. without any problems.

Caroline G.





They took the time to evaluate and explain the problems that I had in each ear. They also went into detail on how they would balance each ear so that would make each ear have a normal balance and volume. They created three different settings for three different environments. They also gave a trial period of 45 days, to [try them out] which really impressed me. That made the sale.

George W.





Your entire staff is very responsive, timely and helpful. Thanks!

Nick B. (Student)





All (staff) as always are most helpful! I don't think I would be navigating the journey with hearing aids as well as I am if it weren't for all of you. Thanks so much for all of your help these past years — 26 or more.

Barbara H.





I have total faith in your service and counseling.

William B.





Couldn't ask for better service!

Retired police officer, David D.





You have been a Godsend. Your willingness to patiently apply your excellent skills to working with my “peculiar” hearing problem has impressed me. I am grateful for all you’ve done and for your particularly thoughtful and generous manner.

Steven Frankel, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco





Being an active participant in conversations at restaurants and other public places again is a blessing. I was pleasantly surprised to see how new technology disguises the presence of hearing aids. And, I was surprised how easily I accepted them with only a minor “getting used to them” period. As I became used to my hearing aids, I even began to show them off. We are much happier now that I have hearing aids. Hearing our grandson Max, say, “I love you, Grandma” is the best!

Lucille P.





Extremely happy and satisfied with new hearing aids- should have done it two years ago.

David B.





I made the perfect choice coming to HearingLife (formerly Dodero Hearing Center), and would highly recommend you. Thank you.

June M.



Mr. Buford took the time to make sure my Mother was comfortable with the changes he made to her set and that she was confident with how to use them moving forward.  After this appointment she was eager to use them.  He paid special attention to making sure her hearing aides were working for her and not against her.  He assured her that with the proper settings she should be comfortable wearing them all the time.  This made all the difference!
Mr.Buford's professionalism and friendly, relaxed demeanor quickly exceeded my expectations. Knowing Mr. Buford is at the Pembroke location makes the idea of future visits a welcome trip. You can be sure I will refer anyone I know looking for a hearing instrument specialist to Mr. Buford.


Victoria P. (Daughter of Peterene S.)


Test Your Ears at 60 Years!

We are pleased to be part of the National Campaign for Better Hearing.

For every hearing assessment* we do, $5.00 is earmarked for the Campaign's Give Back Program, which provides FREE hearing aids to people who could not otherwise afford them.

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