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I wish I had gone sooner. My practitioner was so patient with me through the process of testing and fitting. I can’t say enough nice things about HearingLife (formerly Whisper Hearing Center). What a difference this had made in my life. I’ve taken classes, been in large crowds, theater, restaurants, etc. without any problems.

Caroline G.

They have improved my hearing and have continued to work with me making minor adjustments and teaching me how to hear again ensuring I get the most benefit and enhance my quality of life with my new hearing aids. I can only describe it as a life changing experience, not only for me but for all those around me, family, friends and fellow workers alike.

Sam G.

You have been a Godsend. Your willingness to patiently apply your excellent skills to working with my “peculiar” hearing problem has impressed me. I am grateful for all you’ve done and for your particularly thoughtful and generous manner.

Steven Frankel, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco

All (staff) as always are most helpful! I don't think I would be navigating the journey with hearing aids as well as I am if it weren't for all of you. Thanks so much for all of your help these past years — 26 or more.

Barbara H

I was a skeptic regarding hearing aids. With my family's encouragement and your expertise, I am a believer and grateful to be wearing them. Your explanations and service are great.

Ruth K.

Service assistant

I made the perfect choice coming to HearingLife (formerly Dodero Hearing Center), and would highly recommend you. Thank you.

June M.

I’d like to commend Amie at HearingLife in Auburn, AL. I purchased a hearing aid on Jan 2, 2018. On Jan 3, I developed an ear infection that lasted about 5 weeks. Amie checked on me every week. I had already paid for the hearing aid, so I feel this was something she didn’t really have to do. She has offered many times to stay after hours, until I got off work. I’ve had several issues with my hearing aid, and honestly, if not for Amie, I would have asked for my money back. To me, it’s the small things that make a difference. It shows her character and the integrity of HearingLife. I hope you realize what an asset Amie is to you and your staff and what value she brings to HearingLife. Thank you for your time, Keith T.

Keith T.

Hooray!! I can’t believe I’m wearing a hearing aid – What a difference!! I don’t even have to remove it to talk on the phone! Many thanks for your patience – you read me correctly.

P.S. We came in 2nd out of 120 players in the golf tournament. New hearing aid made a difference.


Couldn't ask for better service!

Retired police officer, David D.

It has been just over 45 days since I received my new hearing aids and I cannot express how much this modern innovation has improved my quality of life. I no longer say “pardon me” or “what was that?” when someone speaks to me. My wife no longer complains to me for having the TV or radio on too loud. I can now hear the turn signal on my car, especially when it doesn’t go off after a turn. In short, my life has been materially enhanced.

Alan S. Leider, DDS, MA, Professor Emeritus of Pathology and Medicine, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry

They took the time to evaluate and explain the problems that I had in each ear. They also went into detail on how they would balance each ear so that would make each ear have a normal balance and volume. They created three different settings for three different environments. They also gave a trial period of 45 days, to [try them out] which really impressed me. That made the sale.

George W.

You all are so professional and congenial, friendly and knowledgeable.

Don W.

I love visiting your office. It is so clear and bright with beautiful flowers that makes one welcome and comfortable.

Florence F.

I’m already falling in love with my hearing aids! Every sound on the ride home was so bright, crisp and colorful! This morning my hearing ability felt almost normal. I find myself walking around with a grin, everything sounds so clean and crisp. I have to remind my family they don’t have to raise their voices to talk to me anymore; I can hear them clearly. It’s absolutely wonderful! Thanks again for an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable experience. You have changed my life more than I could have imagined.

George B.

You have fantastic team at HearingLife in Edmond, OK. Kim couldn't be kinder or more thoughtful! Cliff is very knowledgeable and kind. Both have excellent people skills, and are very bright. Cliff let me try my new hearing aids overnight. They came in early so my husband wouldn't miss any more work. Such service is practically extinct today. I love my first pair of hearing aids. They are awesome! I will highly recommend HearingLife! I really appreciate Kim and Cliff!

Becky W.

Your entire staff is very responsive, timely and helpful. Thanks!

Nick B. (Student)

You were very friendly and welcoming when we first met in the waiting area, and that continued into your office and through the screening. You are knowledgeable about hearing loss, and were helpful in understanding my current hearing "status." You were professional in dealing with us, offering your product and service without being pushy. You guided me through the screening so that I was able to respond and you were able to gather the information you needed to share with us.

Duane S.

Hearing aid user

When I received my first set of hearing aids, I was very surprised how much I was missing. Being able to talk and understand my family again was awesome.

Thank you, HearingLife (formerly EarCare) for the awesome service and product.

Brad B.

I have no complaints. It never enters my head to go anywhere else.

Dorothy W.

My first visit to HearingLife (formerly Whisper Hearing) was a new experience. My provider asked questions regarding my past difficulties and listened to my feelings. He ran an audio test, explained the results and fit me for the aids that I now wear with comfort, confidence, pride and much gratefulness to him.

Margaret A.

Extremely happy and satisfied with new hearing aids- should have done it two years ago.

David B.

Being an active participant in conversations at restaurants and other public places again is a blessing. I was pleasantly surprised to see how new technology disguises the presence of hearing aids. And, I was surprised how easily I accepted them with only a minor “getting used to them” period. As I became used to my hearing aids, I even began to show them off. We are much happier now that I have hearing aids. Hearing our grandson Max, say, “I love you, Grandma” is the best!

Lucille P.

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