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The hearing care industry is growing all the time, making a career in hearing one of the best healthcare jobs available. As we are growing faster than average, the job outlook is especially good for a career in audiology at HearingLife.

Whether you join us to fit people with hearing aids or promote our business activities, you can look forward to high job satisfaction and rich opportunities for personal development.

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Salary and Benefits for Careers at HearingLife

We are proud to offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits to our employees. Managers are encouraged to share success stories and celebrate even the smallest of victories. Whether you seek a client-focused career, or a position behind the scenes, we have opportunities to shine. Join a company that is proud to offer unique growth opportunities in a dynamic setting.

Grow with Us

As a premier hearing healthcare provider, we need a skilled and motivated talent pool. If you seek a position with a service-oriented organization, consider applying for an opening at HearingLife.

Finally, please note that we leverage AuDtalent as our resource for recruitment. You can see current employment opportunities at

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Training and Development

HearingLife encourages all staff to flourish and grow their skill set. That's why we provide opportunities to support learning and broaden your hearing health career. Our company places a strong emphasis on training and utilizing advanced technology. HearingLife invests in its personnel and promotes a culture where motivated employees can thrive.

We also offer a unique dispenser training program. As a result, countless professionals have obtained their licenses.

Since technology changes over time, we keep our team aware of trends and best practices. As the field advances, we strive to stay ahead in client-focused care.


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