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What does an online hearing test entail?

This online hearing test begins with four simple questions about your hearing in everyday situations. Afterwards, you will listen to several short conversations with background noise present. After hearing each discussion, you will be asked a few questions.

Your answers will show how well you heard what was said in the conversations. Once you have completed our online hearing test, you will get feedback on whether you could have hearing loss.

If the online hearing test indicates that you may have reduced hearing, you will have the opportunity to book a complimentary hearing assessment* with HearingLife. This initial assessment is complimentary with no obligation.

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How effective are online hearing tests?

Our "online hearing test" gives you a general indication of your hearing ability; however, it is a hearing self-screening and not an audiological test. 

Many people use online hearing tests or hearing test apps to gain an indication of their hearing ability. Please note that online hearing test results cannot provide exact results because it is impossible to ensure the sound levels you hear are calibrated correctly. Online hearing tests that rely solely on frequencies and tones are not reliable.

However, the only way to test your hearing properly is to visit a hearing care professional or audiologist. HearingLife has more than 650 locations across the United States.

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Do I need hearing aids?

Do you feel that you're having difficulty hearing or maybe a loved one has pointed out that you may need hearing aids? Perhaps you think a loud noise has caused hearing loss in one ear. If you suspect you have hearing loss, read more about common hearing loss symptoms.

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What are the causes of hearing loss?

There are many different causes of hearing loss, from aging to noise exposure to genetics, and more. When possible, determining the cause of hearing loss can be an important step in finding the most appropriate treatment.

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Are you a caregiver for someone with hearing loss?

If you are helping a loved one, friend or even a client with hearing loss, we welcome you to have them test themselves with the online hearing test at the top of this page. Hearing loss impacts more than the individual. It can create strain for family, friends and anyone who needs to communicate with them. HearingLife's professionals are here to help you with information about hearing loss for caregivers.