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Find your beautiful sounds

When you can hear clearly, all sounds can be beautiful to you.

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After years of exposure to loud rock music as a drummer and singer, Jerry realized his ability to hear had greatly declined. He got his first hearing aids two years ago and has never looked back.

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Monaye’s hearing problems became noticeable at age 12. She couldn’t hear certain sounds, like whispers, until they were very close to her. Over a decade later, Monaye got her first pair of hearing aids and realized how many sounds she was never even aware of before.

Hear Monaye's beautiful sound:


Wearing hearing aids for the past decade, Gaylyn is thrilled about being able to hear. When she first got hearing aids, she had no idea how much she couldn’t hear. She was astounded by the sound of the wind and other simple sounds like water running.

Hear Gaylyn's beautiful sound:


For 10 years, Jude had to read people’s lips to understand most conversations. He thought wearing hearing aids was a weakness and meant he was differently abled. Once he gave in and got his first pair of hearing aids, he suddenly realized what a quiet and closed-off life he had led.

Hear Jude's beautiful sound:

How we can help you…

HearingLife can help you find your beautiful sounds again. Through personalized hearing care by highly skilled professionals, we are helping more people hear better and connecting them back to the sounds they love. We have the expertise, knowledge and technology to ensure you are able to hear to your full potential. Your journey to better hearing begins with a simple hearing assessment.* Schedule your complimentary appointment today.

The day Tom Kersting found his beautiful sounds

Last May, I was tested and fitted for hearing aids at a HearingLife location in Westfield, NJ. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect after my appointment or how much of an impact my new hearing aids would have on my life, but as soon as I left the center, I was amazed at how big of a difference my hearing aids made.

When I left the HearingLife center and began walking to my car, I noticed that everything was amplified, from the cars that drove by to the strange buzzing noise that the traffic light made. After years of never noticing these sounds, it felt like I had bionic hearing. When I turned on my car, the radio was blaring, and I had to turn down the volume. I couldn’t believe how loud I had the music playing in my car before receiving my new hearing aids.

When I arrived home, I walked through the kitchen then noticed another new sound I had never heard before, a humming sound. It was my refrigerator, and it may not be the most pleasant sound for most people, but to me it was beautiful. All the years I lived in my house I never knew that my refrigerator made noise. It seemed like the whole world around me was opening up thanks to my new hearing aids.

That same evening my daughter and I decided to watch a movie together. When I turned on the television and adjusted the volume to the right level my daughter said, “Dad, are you kidding me? You can hear that?” I said, “I hear it as clear as day.” She then responded, “Can you please lower your hearing aids? I can barely hear it.” Her response was the most beautiful sound of all.

After the movie, my family went to sleep, but I stayed awake for an hour longer. When I finally went to sleep, I walked through the kitchen to put my glass in the dishwasher. I couldn’t believe how much noise I was making! I didn’t realize prior to my new hearing aids, but I now finally understood the comments from my family in the morning about the loud noises downstairs at night.

The next morning, I got ready for work and then headed to my office. Every noise, even the small and significant had a distinct sound that I was not aware of. From the key in the doorknob of my office to the tapping of my laptop keys, everything had a unique noise. Later, when a patient and I were speaking, we were interrupted by a “ding, ding, ding” coming from the railroad crossing. I had never heard the sound before, even when the windows were open. It was absolutely incredible.

Sound is a beautiful thing. Although I am not the type of person who looks back with regret, but rather looks forward with gratitude, I do wish I had addressed my hearing loss years earlier. Do yourself a favor. Don’t delay. If you suspect you may be hard of hearing, do something about it.

Make an appointment with a hearing specialist at the nearest HearingLife location and participate in a complimentary, pain-free hearing assessment. You don’t want to miss the beautiful sounds of your life!


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