How to insert and remove ITE (In the Ear) hearing aids

Scroll down to see two sets of directions and videos.

Insertion Instructions

  1. Have a battery inserted in the battery door

  2. Close the battery door

  3. Insert the hearing aid in your ear as shown in the instructions and video below

  4. Place the hearing aid in your ear with the Red/Blue writing facing away from you. You can twist the hearing aid slightly while you insert it. Make sure it fits nicely inside of your ear by pressing on it once more after you have inserted it.

Note: Red is for the right ear. Blue is for the left ear.

Removal Instructions

  1. Grab the removal line that is connected to your hearing aid or grab the earmold
  2. Pull the earmold free from your ear
  3. Open the battery door to turn your hearing aid off

Note: Turning off your hearing aid for the night and when not in use conserves battery life.