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Are you new to HearingLife?

We are excited to announce our company is changing many of our affiliated offices' names to HearingLife.

We've been one network for a long time – now we're taking on the family name.


The signs on the outside might be changing, but the values on the inside remain the same.

We continue to focus on what's important: our relationship with you, and providing ongoing treatment and support for people with hearing loss.

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We are united behind one simple vision: to help more people hear better

Even exciting change can make you wonder how it will affect you. Understanding that you might have some questions, we put together a few answers to get you started.

Why are you changing your name?

For some time now we have been part of the largest group of hearing care clinics in the country. Across the HearingLife brand, you can benefit from access to outstanding hearing technology, excellent support, and the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. We have grown to more than 600 hearing healthcare centers throughout the United States as a group, that used to operate under many names. This can make it difficult for our clients to know where they can go for hearing support should they need it when they travel or should they wish to refer family or friends to us in a different region. By consolidating under the HearingLife name, we hope to improve your entire experience.

Will this impact my care?

There are no changes that will affect your account or services with us. As always, we are dedicated to providing the best hearing solution to the hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle needs of each client. We will continue to accept the same hearing aid insurance benefits, to provide similar appointment booking procedures as you had before. 

Do you still offer the same products and services?

Yes, we still provide the latest in hearing aid technology and best-in-class service. This name change is not affecting our product offerings or services.

When is it all happening?

Since 2018 more than 500 locations have changed their name to HearingLife or operate as "A HearingLife Company. Ultimately we will have more than 650 HearingLife offices in the United States.

What about my hearing center staff? Is that changing?

This name change doesn’t involve any change of staff in your hearing center, or behind the scenes at the HearingLife head office. Our dedicated experts are still here to help you reach your full hearing potential. 

What does HearingLife do on a global scale?

As an internationally renowned care provider for people with hearing difficulties, HearingLife uses our global resources and outside expertise to address hearing loss and to educate the public on growing research linking hearing loss with dementia, diabetes, depression and other serious health matters.

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