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Tips for success

Tip #1 - Use your hearing aids as much as possible

You might have heard this from your hearing care provider, but the best way to transition into becoming a hearing aid wearer is to wear them.

To the mall, to the doctor, to work, to restaurants, while watching TV... or wherever your life takes you. In the very beginning, a few hours may be taxing, but as you wear them longer, the more your brain will get used to the new sounds. 

Tip #2 - Write down any issues you experience

Are you experiencing feedback in certain environments? Is sound fuzzy or are voices still muffled? Is there too much background noise in restaurants?

These are issues your hearing care provider can address. Your devices may need adjusting. Try keeping a journal for the first few weeks. That way you can track improvements over time or notice patterns in where wearing hearing aids help most. 

Other important tips

Perhaps you already feel "used to" them, but wearing hearing aids can be a big adjustment. That's why the professionals at HearingLife have these tips for you:

1. It takes time to adjust.

Patience is a virtue! You've probably heard this in the office and seen it elsewhere in "A Good Start," but it is true. Hearing loss often happens gradually over time without you noticing the change. Hearing aids bring back a lot of years - maybe even decades of decline - nearly instantly. You may be shocked by the sound of your own footsteps.

2. Remember: No one hears everything.

Your brain filters out unnecessary sounds. When you wear hearing aids for the first time, you rediscover what you can hear, but you also find out what is too soft to hear with normal hearing. 

3. Protect your hearing aids when not in use.

Although a lot of time goes into making hearing aids able to stand up to a lot - your ears get warm and sweaty sometimes, they may fall on the floor and they need to stand up to a bit of wear and tear when you change batteries - it's important to store them in a safe place. Don't let children (or pets) play with them. Don't store them in a damp place (like a bathroom). 

4. Reset your hearing to normal.

Once you have started to wear hearing aids, remember to turn down the volume on the TV.  You may want to turn on closed captioning to retrain your brain. The car can seem especially noisy. In the beginning make sure you keep the car radio down (or turn it off). Ask people to speak a little softer, especially if they don't know. 

5. Don't skip your follow-up appointments.

This is when our team can address any changes you need to your settings, adjust the volume (if needed) and remind you of how to clean your hearing aids. 

6. Don't be shy about asking for help.

That's why we are here! We want to help you hear better and be successful in your journey. 

Remember: we are only a phone call away: Contact us at 877-702-9629 if you have questions about your new hearing aid.