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Checking in with you

How is it going? Are you getting more accustomed to your new hearing aids? 

We hope that your first week has been great and that you are already wondering how you survived for so long without hearing aids. For some people, the adjustment period - especially the first few days - can be challenging. We are here to help you as you get used to your new devices. 

Perhaps you are finding that everything feels jarringly loud? Or maybe you have noticed that birds are very active in the morning hours. Maybe you are noticing a mixture of both positive experiences and challenges. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your brain is getting used to new stimuli and it may take time for it to adjust.
  • Friends and family may be used to speaking to you louder than they do to others. If needed, remind them that they don't need to anymore.
  • Adjust the volume on your TV, car radio and other devices as needed if you had them at a high volume.
  • Be patient with yourself when adjusting to new hearing aids.

New hearing aids mean new listening experiences

Hearing aids bring alive a brighter landscape, but to understand the full scope of opportunities, we recommend you try out different environments. If you haven't tried these already, we hope you will "test drive" your new hearing aids in these situations:

  • Using Bluetooth® to talk on your cellphone.
  • Going to a movie. Remember to ask if they have a teleloop system or other assistive device that connects with your hearing aids.
  • Eating at a restaurant. You may want to sit away from the kitchen.
  • Bustling environments like grocery stores, malls or shopping centers. 

The more you try your hearing aids in new environments, the faster you will become accustomed to them. 

Friendly reminder: change your batteries

Hearing aid batteries last between three and ten days, depending on how much you use your hearing aids and the model. Streaming audio or music will use more power, so you may find you need to change batteries more often if you use this feature.

You may already have heard the beeps indicating that it's time to change your hearing aid batteries. Depending on the model, beeping will continue at varying intervals until the batteries die. Once you have replaced the batteries, some devices will play a jingle. 

Inserting a new battery may take a little practice, as the components are small.

To save battery life, always turn off your hearing aids when you go to bed. If you have rechargeable batteries, don't forget to charge your devices nightly so you start each day fully charged. 

HearingLife is here for you!

We know you may be going through a period of adjustment, but you are not alone. Contact us at 877-702-9629 with questions or concerns and we will get you back on track to better hearing.