Guide - cleaning
Your hearing aids are modern technical devices, so thorough care and maintenance are key. Clean your hearing aids often. When you purchase new hearing aids, our team at HearingLife will teach you the proper cleaning techniques. If you need a refresher course, do not hesitate to ask.
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Guide - maintenance
Even if you take excellent care of your hearing aids, they may need a professional to adjust them. A battery door may be loose, or the sound may need an adjustment. Maybe the hearing aids were exposed to moisture or were cracked. HearingLife is here to help.
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Getting used to your new hearing aids

Hearing aids take time and patience to use successfully. Wearing your hearing aids regularly will help you adjust to them. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Wearing can be uncomfortable, whether on or in your ear. You may feel tickling, itching and pressure from mold, dome and shell but that will go away.
  2. After a while you should be able to wear the aids for several hours a day without any discomfort – and optimally forgetting that you’re actually wearing them.
  3. Expect some initial hassle to insert correctly in ear.
  4. Fitting with glasses can take some getting used to. Be careful when replacing them and removing your glasses. You will have space behind your ear and your glasses will find the ‘real estate’ comfortably along with your hearing aids.

If your aids are not comfortable after a while, please contact your hearing care provider at 877-702-9629.