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Online Hearing Tests - Our Thoughts

Simply stated – we don't believe in online hearing loss tests. We believe that your hearing is much too valuable for it to be determined by the results of an on-line gadget. At best, the on-line test is a simple screening and its outcome may be affected by many elements.

When you visit one of our hearing centers you will learn that the hearing test or hearing evaluation, while relatively simple, non-invasive, and definitely pain-free, it is impossible to recreate on your computer. Your hearing will be measured by a professional utilizing specialized equipment which is regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy, and carried out in special sound conditions.

One other major fault of on online hearing test is the lack of contact and consultation. The evaluation itself is only part of the journey - if hearing loss is revealed, you will need a hearing healthcare professional to explain what that could mean for you.

Possible outcomes of a professional hearing test are:

  1. No action on your part - People usually request a hearing test for a reason and sometimes the test reveals little or no hearing loss. Even with a mild hearing loss you may decide to do nothing at all. The advantage to being tested now is that it creates a baseline of your hearing that can be used in the future to determine if your hearing is stable, or a loss is present. Your hearing professional will provide you with a variety of hearing loss test scenarios and possible solutions. The choice to act is 100% yours.
  2. Referral to a Doctor – When a Total Hearing Care professional tests your hearing, he/she are also looking for referable conditions. These may be something as simple as excessive ear wax, or other underlying conditions. If we find a condition that warrants further diagnosis, we may contact your doctor on your behalf.
  3. Taking the next step – If hearing loss is detected, wax is not the issue, and no underlying conditions are detected, our hearing professional may offer amplification solutions. In most cases, we can demo the assistive hearing devices hearing devices right then and there. You will actually be able to hear and appreciate what today’s open fit, advanced hearing devices can do for you.

Total Hearing Care professionals spend hours communicating with our patients about their specific hearing needs and hearing loss treatment. Please don’t settle for an online hearing loss test when it comes to your hearing health – call one of our offices today to schedule your free, in-depth hearing evaluation.


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