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hearing aid special offers

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Want to try a non-working sample of hearing aids? You can. With these replicas, you can experience how you would look with hearing aids, and get an impression of how they feel on your ears.

These test hearing aids look exactly like real ones, but they are just empty plastic shells without any amplification technology inside. When people test out replica hearing aids, many find they are pleasantly surprised by both how easy it is to wear hearing aids, and how unobtrusive they are.

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Interested in Special Offers on hearing devices? HearingLife can help

At HearingLife, we want to make hearing healthcare and treatment accessible. That is why we offer special offers from time to time. Sometimes, these include sales on hearing aids. At other times, these incentives may include promotional items that we offer to people who complete a hearing assessment* and/or demonstration.

How much do hearing aids cost?

At HearingLife we offer a wide array of devices, with varying degree of features. How much hearing aids will cost depends on the type of device, your degree of loss and the technological abilities of the "computer" that powers the hearing aid.

Do hearing aids go on sale?

Fortunately, sometimes we can offer sales or other special offers on our products. If you are a current hearing aid wearer, from time to time we offer options for upgrading your hearing device, so that you can take advantage of advances in technology. Speak with your hearing care provider for details.

hearing aid special offers

Keeping hearing aids affordable and accessible through financing

HearingLife is pleased to partner with CareCredit® to provide an option for financing your hearing aids and other healthcare costs. Since 1987, CareCredit has been helping individuals cover the costs of healthcare. Originally a credit card covering dental care, today more than 200,000 healthcare providers and health-related retailers partner with CareCredit to help consumers finance health-related costs. We are pleased to be part of CareCredit’s network. CareCredit can be used to cover any costs at HearingLife — subject to approval.

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Other types of special offers and opportunities

HearingLife professionals are pleased to be part of our local communities. We strive to offer opportunities to collaborate with community centers, senior centers and nursing homes across the country. Call (844) 836-5003 to get in touch with your local office to find out about upcoming events in your neighborhood.


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