HearingLife Care You Can Count On

Hearing Care You Can Count On

HearingLife is here for you with special support and services to help address your hearing care needs. Even if you have challenges visiting one of our offices, we offer these services for your convenience.

Safety today and every day after

We’ll be asking pre-screening questions for cold and flu-like symptoms
Pre-Screening Questions
We’ll be asking pre-screening questions for Covid and
flu-like symptoms
Face masks (where required by law)
Face masks
Where required by law.
Sanitizing surfaces
Sanitizing surfaces
All surfaces are sanitized between appointments.
HearingLife Drive Up Services

1-2-3 Drive-up Program⁺

By implementing a new 1-2-3 Drive-up Service program, we can manage service issues while you wait comfortably in your car. When you arrive, we will:

  1. Collect your hearing aids in a disposable holder.
  2. Take your hearing aids to our lab, disinfect them and provide any necessary repairs.
  3. Return them to you in your car.

During this process, we maintain infection control by wearing gloves and masks.

99% of users would recommend this program to others!

Drive-up services are not available at all locations.

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