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Hear the sizzle this summer.

Get an Omaha SteaksĀ® BBQ Gift Pack+ when you complete a hearing assessment by July 31, 2019.


Can you hear the sizzle?

When you complete your complimentary hearing assessment*, you will receive an Omaha Steaks® BBQ Gift Pack+ that includes 4 Gourmet Jumbo Franks (3 oz. each) and 6 Omaha Steaks Burgers (4-5 oz. each). Perfect for a summer cook out.

So, how do you like your burger? Rare, medium or well done? The choice is yours!

What do you want to hear better this summer?

The answer could be as individual as your lifestyle. Whether you spend your days listening to kids playing on a beach, watching your favorite baseball team hit home runs or you like to hear burgers grilling over hot coals, there are plenty of sounds you want to capture this summer.

  • hear-the-waves-crashing_circle_300x300

    The waves crashing

    Whether at the beach, riverfront or along your favorite lake in the mountains, nothing beats summer's sounds. "Marco.... Polo!"

  • crack-of-the-bat_circle_300x300

    The crack of the bat

    Smack! You know the sound the moment the bat hits the ball. Don't miss out on hearing your favorite team's home runs this summer.

  • bird-singing_circle_300x300

    Birds singing

    Can you hear the birds when you're in the park? What about crickets, frogs or cicadas? Don't miss nature's lovely creatures as you watch sunsets.

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Wondering about insurance?

While insurance may be complex, HearingLife accepts a number of plans, which may help you pay for your hearing aids.++ Our dedicated insurance team can check if your private or federally funded insurance plan covers hearing aids.

Have questions about HearingLife and your private coverage, Medicare, Medicaid or another benefit? Please call 888-379-7214 to get answers about your individual coverage.

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