Focus on Your
Hearing in May

It all starts with a free hearing assessment*and discussion of your individual needs. Whether you feel like you heard better 10 years ago, or you are concerned about a loved one, we encourage you to contact our hearing care professionals to talk about possible hearing loss.


Hear Well at Any Age During Better Hearing & Speech Month

Each May, HearingLife is pleased to celebrate The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's Better Hearing & Speech Month. This year's theme, "Communication Across the Lifespan" is especially close to our hearts as hearing loss can happen at any age. 

We welcome you to learn more about why it is important to focus on hearing wellness as we age.


Hear your best for years to come

In your 50s, it's important to focus on preserving your hearing through hearing loss protection. In fact, by age 55, about 25% of people have noticeable hearing loss.1

Fortunately, there's a lot you can do every day to protect your ears: never exceed 60% of the maximum volume on your audio device, or give your ears a break by escaping a noisy environment for 30 minutes. Also, don't forget ear plugs or other protection, especially when you know you'll be doing something loud, like mowing the lawn or going to a rock concert.

Haven't had your hearing checked in a long time? Consider seeing a hearing care provider for a free hearing assessment* and get baseline information. Learn what to expect at your first appointment


Experience better technology for better living

Hearing impairment increases in your 60s, but HearingLife can help. Today's hearing aids have advances and features that can offer something for every lifestyle. Hearing devices can connect to your smartphone, stream music seamlessly and link to your home security system or car. Find out what options would work best for you.

Once you hit 65, one in three people have hearing loss2. That's why we advise everyone over 60 to have their hearing assessed annually (just as you may already do with the eye doctor or dentist).


Stay active. Stay engaged. Stay involved in your 70s.

Addressing hearing loss means reaping the long term benefits that hearing well affords, as treating hearing loss can improve your quality of life. When you hear well, you can experience life's greatest joys. You can enjoy the things that matter, like travel, hobbies and time well-spent with loved ones. 

 Remember, there are links between hearing loss and dementia. Studies show that treating hearing loss may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's. Speak with our hearing care professionals to see if you have hearing loss. 


Better hearing helps you live independently in your 80s and beyond

At HearingLife, we know that your age doesn't define you. Unfortunately, hearing loss impacts more than 80% of people over age 853. Don't let hearing loss stop you from being completely engaged in your world.

When you hear well, you don't need to rely on others to know if you understood what people say to you, including important conversations with someone like your doctor. 


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*The purpose of this hearing assessment and/or demonstration is for hearing wellness to determine if the patient(s) may benefit from using hearing aids. Products demonstrated may differ from products sold. Test conclusion may not be a medical diagnosis. The use of any hearing aid may not fully restore normal hearing and does not prevent future hearing loss. Testing is to evaluate your hearing wellness, which may include selling and fitting hearing aids. Hearing instruments may not meet the needs of all hearing-impaired individuals. One offer per customer. Offer not available to any consumer using an insurance benefit, a Managed Care, or Federal reimbursement (including third-party administered reimbursements). Offer cannot be combined with any of our promotional offers, coupons or discounts. Other terms may apply. See office for details. 

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