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Get your hearing checked on World Hearing Day

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), everyone should check their hearing from time to time, although it is especially important for people who are age 50 and over.1 That is why each year WHO encourages individuals and organizations to focus on their hearing on World Hearing Day, March 3rd. The professionals at HearingLife are always pleased to take part in this important event. As our goal is to help more people hear better, we are pleased that many of our locations are hosting special World Hearing Day-themed events to spread the message that your hearing health matters.

This year the WHO has adopted "Check your hearing!" as its theme. HearingLife brings this theme alive by offering free hearing assessments* to the public at our offices across the country. Even if you find that you have no hearing loss, you can discover ways to foster hearing wellness and learn how to communicate better with friends of relatives who do have hearing loss. It also gives you a baseline to know how you heard in 2019 when you check your hearing in the future.

It is important to identify hearing loss early. Addressing hearing loss in earlier stages can help an individual adapt to wearing hearing aids. Hearing assessments are non-invasive and don't take very long. Friendly staff and an informative experience is what you can expect at your appointment at HearingLife.  

According to the hearing industry trade publication, The Hearing Review, more than 90% of hearing aid wearers in the U.S.2 are happy with the care they receive from their hearing care provider. From the same survey, researchers found that 88% of hearing aid wearers in the U.S. found an improved quality of life. 

Whether a result of natural wear and tear, damage afflicted by noise or a medical condition, hearing loss can affect anyone at any age. As part of World Hearing Day, we encourage you to practice safer listening. That means:

  • Turn down the volume

  • If you like loud music, step into a quieter space to let your ears rest after listening for a while

  • Consider investing in higher-end noise canceling ear plugs if you enjoy loud hobbies or work in a noisy environment (or speak to your employer about providing hearing protection)


If you don't have hearing loss (or don't think you do), this year on World Hearing Day you can encourage a loved one to address their challenges with hearing. And, it isn't just a WHO initiative. Members of the U.S. House are putting hearing loss on the national agenda, as Reps. Thompson and McKinley Reintroduce Congressional Wold Hearing Day Resolution

For more information

Hearing loss impacts people of all ages and can be debilitating. HearingLife welcomes you to get started with a free hearing assessment.* 

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