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Welcome to our quarterly newsletter. In this issue we are focusing on wellness. What choices can we make to live healthy, engaging lives that give meaning to ourselves and others?

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Keeping Your Brain Engaged

Just as you can do physical exercise to improve your body’s health, you can do mental exercises to keep your brain agile.

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Bon Appétit! Healthy Eating Starts at Home

There are lots of benefits for eating healthfully. Get ideas on how to eat well, without a lot of work and expense with easy meals you can make in your kitchen...


Make a difference through volunteering

Assisting people in need is a great way to boost your own energy levels and give yourself purpose. Find out how to give back to your community from home...


Try a New Exercise Routine at home

Now's a great time to make the proactive choice to get more active and stay healthier for longer. There are lots of fun activities you can try from the comfort of home or outside....

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