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HearingLife's "Hearing Care You Can Count On" featured in Yahoo! Finance

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"In order to help best serve our patients, and anyone with hearing needs in the US, and support social distancing, our HearingLife Team Members quickly worked together to launch four new free services"

-Dean Pappous, President of HearingLife


Today, HearingLife's announcement regarding new services was featured in Yahoo! Finance and other national publications. The Hearing Care You Can Count On program is designed to provide hearing care support while practicing social distancing..

Four new services to address hearing care needs remotely

The services, designed to address the needs of vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic, include 800#Live Support, Free Batteries shipped-to-home, and Self-Help videos and How-to Guides available on HearingLife.com and Remote Care+. HearingLife team members from across the country worked together to reduce the need for in-office visits. The services are outlined at HearingLife/Care.

Not just for our customers!

HearingLife is pleased to provide vital services for people with hearing aids, whether or not they are our customers. This includes our free batteries (within the parameters outlined below)

Chief Audiologist leads Remote Care efforts

One of the most important aspects of the program is the need for providing hearing care remotely. Dr. Leslie Soiles, HearingLife's Chief Audiologist is collaborating with HearingLife's audiologist across the country to provide special service during these challenging times. And these efforts are helping.

"Our patients tell us that being able to hear what is happening in the world today and to stay in touch with family and friends is more critical than ever in this time of social distancing. Every day we hear heart-warming stories from our patients how we have helped them overcome these challenges. This is why we exist." According to Dr. Leslie Soiles, HearingLife's chief audiologist.

+Batteries and Domes Shipped Batteries are shipped free of charge to anyone in the US with Hearing Aids. Batteries, domes, and wax filters are available free of charge to all existing HearingLife customers (including free shipping). All supplies are limited to a 2-month supply and are subject to availability. You can also order other hearing aid supplies including Dr-Aid kits, Ear Care drops and more and we will ship them, free of charge, directly to your home. Please contact our Patient Support Center at 1 (888) 873-5727 for details. We reserve the right to limit or discontinue this service at any time. Self-Help Our standard terms and conditions apply. Please see the additional information on this website, below. Remote Care Please contact our specially trained agents for hearing aid supply and troubleshooting issue assistance. Available to existing HearingLife customers. This service is free of charge.

All Care services on this page are subject to availability, and may be discontinued or altered at any time.